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Also know as killer place but it’s mostly A place know for the juul lords and the vape gods. This place is practically full of the drug loards and pot heads who you always see ridled around 7/11. You’ll always see someone vaping or selling a juul or two in the high school bathrooms. Most of the kids in the high school are high but there grades are low. 2/3 of the population is rich and lives in Sweet gum whitch is basically home of the rich. The other 3rd is the middle class whitch seem smart but aren’t actually. And if ur going to send nudes to a guy that shit is going to spread faster than the fucking wildfires in California.
Miller place- Where the grades are low but the kids are high
by Fires.114 December 13, 2018
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A reknowned place known for its fights, drinking, pot/heroin, drug addicts, and bomb threats. A tradition of everyone to hang out at either McNulty's, Sylvan Park (The Handball Courts), The Beach, or The Deli/Candy Shop. Every Friday after school, a bunch of kids go to Mcnulty's to talk, get kicked out, then walk home, to sylvan, or to the candy store. Half the population are rich, smart kids that everybody hates, a third of the population are the middle class smart weirdos, who get stoned sometimes, and people like them. And then there's the low class stoners who chill at the handball courts, not too many of them are smart, and everyone loves them. Welcome to Killa Place, a place of gangsters, drinking, and drama.
"Hey, Have you ever heard of Miller Place?"
"Nahhh mann, you mean Killa Place. Yeah, got pot from a mexican at Sylvan, once"
by Oh cool December 29, 2009
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A shitty town that consists of butt-fucking bikers, sluts, and stoners. All everyone does there is go behind walbaums and buttfuck eachother raw.
Hey do you know J-read and Metcalf from Miller Place? Yea why? Lets go beat the shit out of them there behind walbaums
by Miller Place likes cock March 23, 2008
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This is the most ghetto town on the face of the earth. There are so many hardcore gangsters that you will cry when you try to walk through the streets of miller place. You can not walk through this town with out a huge GAT
Man millerplace is so ghetto we cant go through there with out bumpin into a huge gangster that would want to shoot us.
by Tom February 27, 2005
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This place is so ghetto you want to bring a huge gat or you will get shot up(watch your back here huge gangsters)
by MIKEY March 07, 2005
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1. They all coordinate what they are wearing in the morning.
2. They all like to wear some form of baby blue.
3. They wear jewlery and usualy have more than the average girl.
4. They like to "donky Punch" one another.
5. They drive big cars and or trucks to compensate for there small penises.
6. The only bullet size they know is 9mm because it is easy to remember since
that is the size of their penis.
7. They wish they could suck there own penis (yes this is true it has been said).
8. They tend to wear a velvet or silky material as a choice of clothing.
9. They have at least 8 pairs of shoes 5 of which they never wear and sits in a closet.
10. They are always holding there penis because if not they will lose it.
11. They spend the same amount of time working on their hair and getting ready to go out
then the average girl.
12. They all go shopping at the mall together
by who do you think March 27, 2005
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Small town with a high school full of kids most with below average grades, that are almost all just vaping drinking getting high (especially in school) but all in good fun. Everyone knows everyone because the school is so small so it makes for drama everyone eats it up like when there is a fight. But for the most people get along with each thought. Sports are good (some years). Not much to do besides party, fight, hangout, sport, fuck and drive around for hours wreaking havoc on the town acting like idiots to pass time and have fun. Famous spots (including sound beach) are sylvan, Woodhull, handy pantry, power lines, sod farm, pit, church , 25a intersection, high school, cordwood bluffs, town and country, and the pond.
“Fuck every other town that isn’t Miller place I’m a panther till the day I die”
“Those a Miller Place kids are a bunch of crack heads panther”
by Sack Door September 17, 2019
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