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half of sound beach is white trash and the other half is any other race you can think of.

there's a new drug raid once a week

---common sayings in sound beach---

people don't shoot guns often down here, they just shoot heroin

when they shoot guns it's probably to get money for drugs

I have xans stuck in my ass

Yoooo, this needle is bigger than my girls dick!

I don't have a dick

I love sound beach

Its so affordable! I can't figure out why!

-yo you see that house that went abandon last week?
-witch one there's like 8

do anal
EXAMPLE- You think your living the american dream, nice house on long island in sound beach, 3 kids and a wife that loves you, the next day your kids all overdose, your wife gets raped, and you get evicted. You start to think where did you go wrong? Was it moving to sound beach or should I say, sound bitch, was it getting married, or was it being born? I love sound beach

~Sound Beach~ the whole neighborhood smells like weed

by big boy troy August 20, 2017
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Sound beach, a really ghetto town with heroin dealers everywhere and houses smaller than a mini bus.
Need some good stuff?

Nah im good, im from sound beach
by Tyrone from LI June 26, 2017
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Sound beach-some ghetto ass long island town with heroin everywhere and houses that are the sizes of mini buses.
Where can i get some goods?

Just go to sound beach!
by Tyrone from LI June 26, 2017
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