a small projectile turd sheaped like a leprechaun
"man this boy pulled down his pants and and a masive miller came straight for me"
by nosliw kcin August 13, 2008
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To pick up a tool or object and put it away while still in use.
I set the screw driver down and next thing I knew my dad had millered it away. Andrew millered away the drill before I could finish using it.
by semismart February 09, 2010
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Miller, a.k.a. Pvt. Miller, is a character on COD5 who does all the shit that the sergeant won't do. More generally, a miller is someone who you make do all the dumb shit that you won't do yourself, mostly because it is life-threatening.
Sgt. Roebuck: Miller get on those MG's!

'Friend': Hey miller, get on that grenade.

'Friend 2': Yeah miller, cross the street without looking.
by punkyBrewster January 14, 2009
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To snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.
You were given a good opportunity. Why did you go and miller it up?
by dudericious June 06, 2007
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The dirtiest, laziest, and/or sad excuse for a man. Often found sucking his own dick. A "Miller" will often give you an intense headache from his endless rants. Unlovable and often lost, he lurers small children with candy for friends.
Stop being such a "Miller"!
by twhattt June 05, 2013
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In a mafia game, a miller is a role where you are town-alligned, but come up mafia when investigated
Being a miller in mafia, puts high suspicion on you, because your role can't be verified
by milla_time89 June 09, 2008
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