you do something so amazing and brave, something that gets your adrenaline rushing, something that is like survival, do it on your own or with immense skill, it is also military based, imagine your their in Iraq holding a an M60, you are miller. You have to be strong and feel the power.
Karlos: "hey milky your well good at abseiling"
Milky: "thanks man but your pretty miller too"

Just say you jump from a plane at 20 000 feet, you would millerfy.
by militarymiller October 23, 2007
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Someone who hits on girls four or more years younger than him.
person 1: Hey did you see that guy flirting with all those 12 year olds.
person 2: yeah he is a true miller.
by MMunit December 20, 2010
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A 24 hour-a-day establishment with the purpose of serving people food. Usually the stupid kids, who want to be cool and skip cool, will go to Miller's and get caught since the cops look there for kids. During the week of finals, this diner is filled with hundreds of Northampton High School students-- very hungry students-- eager for the coming summer weather.
Heather and I are gonna go for some lunch at Miller's after our finals. We'll get a ride there to beat the huge crowd.

Dude, you want to skip and go to Miller's?

Millers is overpriced and there are better places around town to go eat at.
by Petey Mik February 24, 2008
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1. To be short.
2. To suffer from Napoleon Complex.
3. To have no control over one's self when intoxicated.
"That man is a Miller!"
"I was drunk as a Miller!"
"Miller thinks he's tough again...lol"
by Honkee Magoo June 12, 2006
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