(verb:) single-mindedly to masturbate a male to the point where he ejaculates his "milk" sperm. Use of this term suggests the extraction is more for the amusement and/or satisfaction of the "milker" than that of the person selected to be "milked". (Verb also found in combinations such as: "milk the snake", "milk the milkman")
Tracy used to boast to her friends that any man she could not milk within two hours of meeting, was not worth knowing.
by Kofi May 08, 2003
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Similar to MILF, MILK stands for Mother I'd Like to Kill.
Guy 1: "How was your date with Angie? Did you get to meet her parents?"
Guy 2: "Oh Angie's great but her mom is such a MILK! Wouldn't shut up about how I was ten minutes late and how 'irresponsible' I am."
by Yophia Bursazhevsky April 12, 2009
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When something is really good.

An expression of great approval.
Mate, this pasta is milk!

This song is well milk!
by two e's June 30, 2011
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adj. describing a chick with very sweet natural boobs. She is often also thick in the right places.
I almost blew my load in that club last night. About 80% of the freaks in there was milk! Cleavage was on point, nips thru the top, e'ything!

Tocarra Jones is milk. Jessica Simpson is milk. Taral Hicks, milk. Punky Brewster, Kim Fields, Jazmine Cashmere, Latifah before the breast reduction...milk. Yeah, I said it.
by Kuahmel January 22, 2009
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milk comes from gods tits

hes god he can have tits
god blessed us with milk
by jaiman lol May 04, 2020
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Boston slang meaning 'cool', 'awesome', 'nice'.
That's wicked milk!
by potatoskin November 16, 2009
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The sexiest drink in the world
male cow- Hey baby can I milk you?
female cow- Can i milk YOU?
male cow- You know yours is the sexiest drink in the world!
female cow- yope!
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