These people can be snakes, cunts and can be really annoying
"Stop being such a Milk Boy"
by jrice2401 November 02, 2016
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Having the mentality of a child still breastfeeding; Stubborn, egocentric and very naive.
Sometimes used in gaming.
Dave: Man I just got blasted, you should have backed me up.
Ethan: I wasn't in the right place and time.
Dave: Who cares? Now I'm dead and it's your fault.
Ethan: Dude, you're such a Milk Boy.
by NybaktStein December 14, 2019
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A white boy who tries to acts black.
Johnathan just came up to me and said ‘wagwan my nigha’ He’s such a chocolate milk boy.
by He trump July 10, 2018
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Semen, monkey custard, baby gravy. This term is believed to have originated from the Crank Yankers character 'Special Ed'.
Don't move, I'll get a tissue to clean up that big boy milk
by John Bracken July 04, 2006
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Phrase coined by Osaro Osemwota in 2021. Used to describe boys who expect girls to take care of them but have nothing to offer to the table. Also major cry babies and weaklings.
“He wants me to cook for him but hasn’t taken me on a date yet”
“Girl dump his ass, that’s breast milk boys behaviour. You ain’t his mama”
by vocab queen February 21, 2021
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