''yo that horse is black''
horse'' nigha''

''that's a cool horse''
by Nigha nig nig nig November 23, 2021
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something white people write bc they dont wanna write or cant write nigga
ohhh look at him such a nigha
by big ass nigha December 3, 2019
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The Nigha Mumbumbum was elected to rule in 1997
by The Nigha December 7, 2019
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Derived by the word niggas and achghafiye.

The word nighas is set to reference the lebanese people. Only to be used by lebanese people in intent to be towarda another lebanese person.
Dawra nighas went to ach nighas and told them that the dbayeh nighas are coming.
by Helloworl890 October 13, 2020
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when a lithuanian skinny white boy gets summoned to clean up the dishes while carrying his goofy ahh long hair on his goofy ahh head and goofy ahh walking to do the chores while simultaneously sofos flames him while he is gone cause he is too scared to comfront this goofy ahh lithuanian dude
bro i had to some chores and sofos called me long hair goofy nigha makes the dishes now i want kms and commite massive genocie to the island of peru
by dsdqfWGwgvb April 22, 2022
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