A very sentimental guy with a passion for the future. He's very shy but on the inside hes a very sweet, over-protective, young man whom i love very much.
Ala: I Love you Miles ur so sweet
by MileStop&l00k October 08, 2018
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miles is a rock climber man with good arms. and his face what a wow. he looks like he's from riverdale. all the girls like him, but only as of a few weeks ago. and his laugh is kinda nice. oh he's so great.
do you think you can play soccer while rock climbing?
no, only miles can do that.
by snailmanthecantaloupe April 05, 2019
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He loves dogs, and loves to workout , loves his hair , and loves to grow it out, seems like a guy who would wear vans, is literally the definition of counter culture
He's cool he's a miles
A cool guy who does not follow the crowd
by Miles Moore December 23, 2016
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Person1: who the fucks that?
Person2: that's Miles, he's the best
by MilesIsTheBest February 02, 2017
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Coming from the Latin "miles," meaning soldier
Variations include: Milo, Milos, Milan, Myles, & Mylo
Miles is a name fit for somebody that is always going to try to stay true to themselves. Somebody with personal integrity and potential for greatness, even if they can't see it themselves.
"Miles is my favorite person."
by hhhehehe February 17, 2013
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Miles, a loving, Hot, Sexy man who always is there to cherish life and family and if you meet a Miles don't expect him to be single, expect him to be small but strong and ripped and very understanding most likely he will be Non White race like a Mexican Race And in that relationship he won't try to go to fast or slow he will go at what ever pace your at expect him to be cute if you have a miles as a significant other then you are lucky don't let him go. Miles goes well with Maddie / Maddy's, Christine, Athena, Nathan, and Lucy's as a girl / boyfriend

Don't let him go
Miles is Mexican
Miles is Hot AF
Don't let go of Miles
by Annabeth Zion June 19, 2016
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miles is the most ambitious, outgoing, hilarious, humble, brilliant person you will ever meet. his heart pure and genuine so you can always count on him to be there. always. he will not only listen to whatever you have to say, but he will also make an extensive effort to make you laugh after you've just poured your heart out to him. not to mention his killer taste in music. I mean really, its crazy how many playlists you can create just out of songs that miles recommends. oh also, he has gorgeous eyes. miles is a weirdo too. the GIFs he sends at 3 am are beyond creepy and sometimes a little disturbing but its all part of his charm. also, did I mention that miles is CRAZY smart. now he doesn't give off the vibe of the boy who takes advanced classes and passes them with flying colors but let me just tell you a secret about him, the boy reads books FOR FUN!! and not little comic books or books about soccer, no, like "The Great Expectation." he gets a 4.3 GPA and acts like its no big deal even though he's a freshman taking geometry. the boy is talented all around. but thats just miles for you.
miles is one of my best friends. I have no idea what I'd do without him.
by CruzLover6969 August 02, 2019
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