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Myles is a guy who is usually really hot and has nice eyes and a great smile. Myles are always the best kissers.
Girl 1: so did he kiss you?
Girl 2: yes

Girl 1: how was it??
Girl2: it was amazing! he is such a Myles!
by Genius123454321 November 14, 2011
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Myles (v): A name given to someone who possess awesomeness. Who shows that nothing can break them down. Can be funny or just plain mean. Likes fast cars and iced tea. Loud, exciting life filled with adventure.
"It would be an honor to call you Myles"
by m0use May 13, 2009
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Myles is a boy with a great personality. He has lots of friends, and hold them together. He will always know how to make you happy and love to talk. Myles is funny keeps his friends close. Myles don’t just date for the fun of it they date for the reason of making you happy have fun and spending time with you. Myles is sweet, funny, athletic and supper cool.
Friend 1: why are you down

Friend 2: well, I just go talk to Myles about it

Friend 1: I know Myles is the best person to talk to I’ll come to

#myles #friends
by Puppylove567 August 27, 2019
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Myles i usually the dude with that huge dick that every body loves and chicks love to have sex with.Also is an amazing person and is not to be mistaken will a miles.
A miles is usually a dude with the short dick and plays WoW all day and jerks off every other night to Justin Bieber with a female body so it isn't completely gay. A Miles might usually get depressed if a Myles is around

If your friends with a Myles call your self lucky because he will be your best friend ever.For chicks that know a Myles you need to get his great personality and nice ass.Myles has a unique flirting style but when he does..... you know you like it.
"hey miles
"did you see that guy on t.v last night
*yeah that guy is sooo awesome
"you know what!?
"i think that's a Myles
*OH wow i......i need to go home....i need to be alone (starts singing baby)
"umm ok?
by engirion December 11, 2010
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The title given to someone with perceived intelligence. Often envied for their seemingly effortless ability to be such an ass. They must qualify for the title with sculpted buttocks and be in a supreme physical condition.

In the eyes of a mere mortal, they are also accused of having the traits of vanity, promiscuity, chastity and flirtatiousness. Not to be confused with miles, and there is no accurate conversion to kilometers. An example would be this person knows that pft only has one f, singular, uno.

If you know some one with such an honorable title of myles then you should praise and glorify them in every sense of the word. Those with true intentions will be rewarded with eternal happiness in everything they do.
Wow! That guy is so cool, such a myles.

Hey, that guy must be made of awesome...obviously a myles.

Myles, you are awesome in every sense of the word.
by joseph.l August 17, 2008
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