Mila is a very popular, likable girl. All the boys like her and all the girls want to be her friend. She is smoking hot, beautiful and has a nice body. She is confident and friendly.
Girl: I wish I was Mila!
by L_G_CFC April 19, 2015
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Mila is the living example of every guys wildest fantasy. She's sexy, cute and funny at the same time. She blows everyone away with her elegant, outgoing and talkative personality. Her gracious humour grabs anyones attention and her class turns heads. She is sweet, attentive and very loving. Any Mila anywhere is a true role model, it girl and queen.
Yes! My name is Mila, and i had to write this about myself! Lolllll!!!!
by alltheusernamesiwantaretaken November 28, 2016
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Mila is one to love for your whole life. You'd hold on the darkest days and hug her on the brightest days. Usually she is a shy girl but when you get to know her and you open your heart up to her, you will never let her go.
Guy1: LOOK there is Mila.
Guy2: She is so hot.
Guy3: You can't talk about her that way, she is my girlfriend!@!!!!!
Mila: Hi Boys
by vanna0120 January 07, 2019
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A girl that can be nice,helpful,joyful,caring but can be a bit of an ass . They are normally weird and people think they are crazy but in a good way. They are beautiful but when they confess their love for someone they reject but weeks later the person that rejected asks her out but by then she has a bf/gf cuz they hot af. Cries Easily
Girl: she is so pretty

Boy: imma going to ask he out cuz that jerk rejected her
Mila: Hell ya I’ll date u
by Milk93tjecow January 06, 2018
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Mila is very kind and smart she does have a crazy weird side and uses it a lot but she's an independent loyal trustworthy girl who knows what's she's doing you can always relie on her and she's always there for you and there to give advise whenever you sad come to her she'll brighten your day she's just like a sun and you can ALWAYS tell her anything she won't judge or tell anyone she's a perfect friend

Girls would love to be her and guys would love to have her she's very sexy and has a nice body she's Laos related to some named max or something like that
Girl:dang I wish I was Mila she's soo perfect
Guy:I wish I was with her I'll protect her
Girl:I think she needs protection right now
Guy:omg your right I better hurry. Hey you ok Mila.
Mila:yes your my saviour

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by The one and only define September 08, 2016
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Mila is an amazing girl. She is incredible in every way, and she is smart without knowing. Mila is a gorgeous girl and she’s very mature for her age and she is loved and is envied by many other people. Mila is incredible.
Mila is the most beautiful person I know
by Lila Gerard August 05, 2018
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A wild chameleon who changes depending on who she's with. will only speak when ready. A wonderful friend. true soul. Intelligent but spunky. hates her friends jess and kels.
P1:"Hey mila"

Mila: *pause*

".....Hey....gotta go..."
by big joe1000 November 01, 2012
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