Mila is one to love for your whole life. You'd hold on the darkest days and hug her on the brightest days. Usually she is a shy girl but when you get to know her and you open your heart up to her, you will never let her go.
Guy1: LOOK there is Mila.
Guy2: She is so hot.
Guy3: You can't talk about her that way, she is my girlfriend!@!!!!!
Mila: Hi Boys
by vanna0120 January 7, 2019
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A amazing little girl who knows herself. She is a weird funky confident person who is always high-spirited. She never lets anyone destroy her spirit. Everybody wants to be her and she likes everybody. She is hot, dang hot. She is very smart and admirable. You can always ask Mila for advice and she will have an well thought out anwser. Mila is an Amazing person to be around.
Dang I wish I was Mila.
by Dylan.101 March 14, 2015
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Mila is a sensite girl. Also a shy one. She's not perfect maybe not even close, but damn she tries to be. She's fun. She will probably have a weird sense of humor until you start to get use to it. She will make vine references, dad jokes and will probably spam you with a million videos of cute puppies or kittens. But don't forget she also gets sad and is scared of being alone in this world. So the next time you see her tell her how much she means to you.
by lonelymila May 22, 2019
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Sooo hot and amazing you don’t even understand how hot she is you need to meet one and marry them
“Mila your so Peng
by February 8, 2021
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Mila is an original. She is beautiful. Fun. Friendly. A bit crazy but not out of control. She loves people and people love her. She is funny and loves to laugh and have a good time. She is responsible and independent. She is confident and walks with her head held high. Guys love her and girls want to be her.
Dang, I wish I was Mila.
by mila.mila.mila. February 2, 2010
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it's a SHE, and SHE is a perfect mix between a feminine , sensual, sensitive and a determinate warrior.

She doesn't take No as an answer, yet she respects when there is a No .
she steals your heart right when your eyes meet not with violence but with awing soulful beauty screaming, shinning and penetrating right to your soul in a way that thinking twice is not an option.

she hypnoses you with her playful smile, it's when you know that she is about to do crazy things yet you let her because you know it'll only tickle you heart.

Mila is main source of a melting heart.
I couldn't resist ! it's a Mila .
I stayed 3 hours trying to convince them but they were totally a Mila.

I looked at him and it was a Mila right away .
by it's a Norm March 8, 2017
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Mila is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is smart and funny and is the best friend ever. Everyone wants to either be her or be with her, for good reason. She's average height with highlighted hair and brown eyes. She has dark lashes and brows and the prettiest smile ever. She nose is really cute and she has a toned body with perfect curves. She's really sporty and athletic too and is extremely competitive, not only in her sport but in real life. She always wants to win and is always winning in life. She is an amazing best friend that has a few really close friends thats she trusts completely. She gives good advice and is really loyal although stubborn and will stay by you through thick and thin, unless you cross her then that's your loss and she will not hesitate to cut you off. She hates people with negative energy and has a sense for detecting this before they have betrayed her.
"We're playing against Mila's team tonight."
"Watch out, she's like rlly completive."
by user111333444 August 4, 2021
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