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A amazing little girl who knows herself. She is a weird funky confident person who is always high-spirited. She never lets anyone destroy her spirit. Everybody wants to be her and she likes everybody. She is hot, dang hot. She is very smart and admirable. You can always ask Mila for advice and she will have an well thought out anwser. Mila is an Amazing person to be around.
Dang I wish I was Mila.
by Dylan.101 March 13, 2015
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it's a SHE, and SHE is a perfect mix between a feminine , sensual, sensitive and a determinate warrior.

She doesn't take No as an answer, yet she respects when there is a No .
she steals your heart right when your eyes meet not with violence but with awing soulful beauty screaming, shinning and penetrating right to your soul in a way that thinking twice is not an option.

she hypnoses you with her playful smile, it's when you know that she is about to do crazy things yet you let her because you know it'll only tickle you heart.

Mila is main source of a melting heart.
I couldn't resist ! it's a Mila .
I stayed 3 hours trying to convince them but they were totally a Mila.

I looked at him and it was a Mila right away .
by it's a Norm March 07, 2017
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Mila is an original. She is beautiful. Fun. Friendly. A bit crazy but not out of control. She loves people and people love her. She is funny and loves to laugh and have a good time. She is responsible and independent. She is confident and walks with her head held high. Guys love her and girls want to be her.
Dang, I wish I was Mila.
by mila.mila.mila. February 02, 2010
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Mila is the most BEAUTIFUL Person you will meet <3 she has a lot of faith in you and can be a little dirty minded, but other than that, she is an absolute sweetheart and smoking hot, all the boys wish they could grab that ass of hers. Mila can also give the sweetest compliments. She also has the most forgiving heart. Mila is amazing!!!
Boy 1: damn look at that ass
Boy 2: sorry that ass is mine she’s my gf
Mila: hey boys, y’all look nice today!
by Anonymous3882 May 18, 2019
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Mila is a very popular, likable girl. All the boys like her and all the girls want to be her friend. She is smoking hot, beautiful and has a nice body. She is confident and friendly.
Girl: I wish I was Mila!
by L_G_CFC April 19, 2015
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Mila is the living example of every guys wildest fantasy. She's sexy, cute and funny at the same time. She blows everyone away with her elegant, outgoing and talkative personality. Her gracious humour grabs anyones attention and her class turns heads. She is sweet, attentive and very loving. Any Mila anywhere is a true role model, it girl and queen.
Yes! My name is Mila, and i had to write this about myself! Lolllll!!!!
by alltheusernamesiwantaretaken November 28, 2016
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A girl that can be nice,helpful,joyful,caring but can be a bit of an ass . They are normally weird and people think they are crazy but in a good way. They are beautiful but when they confess their love for someone they reject but weeks later the person that rejected asks her out but by then she has a bf/gf cuz they hot af. Cries Easily
Girl: she is so pretty

Boy: imma going to ask he out cuz that jerk rejected her
Mila: Hell ya I’ll date u
by Milk93tjecow January 07, 2018
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