Mila is such a bad bitch. She is usually attracted to Savana's and is always giving advice about love to her friends. It's hard to ignore a Mila because she's stunning and has the most beautiful smile. She is attracted to guys who are lowkey and use gel in their hair. She's wealthy and not afraid to show it. She's slim thick and fashionable. She's still obsessed with the same guy and will always love him. But that doesn't mean she won't go for other guys too. Overall, stay with Mila's cause she's worth it.
Guy: Damn, did you see Mila's outfit today?
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by cutegirlnames November 27, 2019
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she’s probably the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. she’s GORGEOUS and so nice. she knows how to party, and she’s so much fun. if you don’t want to date her, you want to be her bsf. she’s a guy-magnet. you’ll want to be her
carry: omg did you see that new girl mila?

alicia: omg she’s so pretty!!
by mmoko October 09, 2019
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and i know her life story =P
born in canada, lived in paris, moved to redwood city, and now lives in san jose =
mila's mom was yelling at her in french =
by monstAr November 18, 2004
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A Mila is one of the best persons you could ever meet. She is a cute and totally lovable person. She always has your back. She helps you whenever you're sad or angry. She's beautiful and is just a nice person. But you do not wanna mess with her!!! When you mess with her you'll be dead!
-Who is your best friend?
- Mila of course! She is such a nice person!
- Oh damn, I wish she would be my bestie too!!
by anni_the_sock May 22, 2020
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Mila is a girl who mostly have long legs ,small boobs and loves anime and kpop
Girl named Mila: hey
Me: *realizing she have long legs smol boobs* Are you into anime
Mila: how did you know
Mila 2: hey

Me: and another one
by BigUwUGirl January 06, 2020
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dumb and rude and is so fake and will never ever ever be nice to you because she’s dumb and fake and you may think you’re friends with her but you’re not because if you ever tell her a secret like how you pooped the bed at your friend’s house and then blamed on the dog, she will tell everyone at school and make the cook spit in your macaroni!!
Person 1: dude i think becoming friends with Mila, i know i shouldn’t be but she’s kinda cool

Person 2: no man, she told my girlfriend that i listen to Taylor Swift and now i’m single!!
by urmomgoodattennis October 16, 2019
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