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A name for a legit Polish gangster. An individual with this name typically has an enormous penis and a lot of money.
Person 1: Hey bro, you know about that nigga Mikolaj?
Person 2: Yeah bro, that's nigga's a boss. He's the best.
by Spooky_Shrek July 31, 2016
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a sexy intelligent person who gets bitches mostly makes racist jokes about arabs and ciniks very smart and gets loads of money and pussy
osama bin laden : dam did u see the guy that was mikolaj allhakbar !

mia khalifa: i fucked tha guy yesterday he had a huge cock his name was mikolaj
by jimmy 69911 January 17, 2017
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A polish prick who over reacts when you do the slightest of things to him, usually born with a natural ghetto booty
"Man that guy is so annoying"

"Yeh, his name is Mikolaj"
by Whatthefrick December 07, 2013
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