People who have guns and will shoot
Mans got drillas outside
by 10936578 September 30, 2018
A roadman who has a bullet propelled weapon and shoots people. Used mainly in the boroughs of London. The terminology is often implemented in dialogue between gang's and gang members.
My Drilla, Drillas, What you saying drilla, My young g's are savage they gone drilla your face, R Skeng is some mad drilla with his spinner
by CB4 DRILLA October 9, 2017
Close friend or someone you can rely on.
'That guy is my drilla'
by Digga3 March 19, 2020
A drill or also referred to as 'Deng' is often a male who preferences to dress in all black and represent their 'ends'. A Drilla considers themselves a threat to authority and may only accept censure from peers or as such 'gang members'. Drilla's will stop at nothing in order to protect their postcode from so-called 'opps'.
Person 1: Bro let's get off the tram
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: A drilla just got on the tram
by Mania68plus1 October 20, 2020
A person who prides themselves in bashing people half their size and taking their shoes, wallet, phone ect.
Ever since one-four got popular everyone wants to be a Drilla.

I belted a Drilla who Drilled my little sister
by KneeTheBarrier October 14, 2019
what a secretly gay roadman calls his good looking friends because he has a crush on them
by bigheaddedpenis May 13, 2019
A man who drills holes in random objects. Once said holes have been drilled he fucks the shit out of them until he bleeds.......
Jeremy: dude I hear Alex is a drilla
Michael: yeah I caught him having sexual relations with a rock
by righteousconsumption October 16, 2014