Refers to a robot with a artifical leg.

See Karel.
Look at the Mihai Bot go!
by David Nguyen May 16, 2004
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Mihai Tatarciuc is a Romanian man with the mental age of a 9 year old who loves to talk shit to woman online because hes upset that they can also play games online for other to watch, but mainly because hes a virgin.
Looking at any social media from 'Mihai Tatarciuc' you would find very sad images of cars that he could never afford, barely dressed woman that he'd most likely insult because they won't sleep with him and creepy selfies that make him look like he need a helmet in case he hurts himself doing a basic task.
that anger virgin really hates woman, must be Mihai Tatarciuc .
by Mihai Tatarciuc May 31, 2019
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mihai is a REALLY cute,beautiful and nice guy but also kinda ignorant sometimes. he is mostly depressed and he is not really talking with a lot of people. everyone wants to be his friend and loves him because he has a good vibe and gives happiness around people and to me too :)
me:i love that guy over there he is so cute and funny who it is?
girl:ohh it’s MIHAI! he’s so cool i like his vibe
me:yes me too i hope we can be friends :)
by differentgirl November 23, 2021
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Name for someone who has a mental problem
Why is Mihai like this
He is called Mihai, why do you expect?
by TheRevolver November 23, 2021
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This expression can be used in English and in French as well.

It means to get in a relationship with a girl that is not categorized as a goldigger. When things get serious between a man and a woman, if the woman doesn't try to abuse the man falling in love, the next step is to get in a relationship, so men will frequently use the term ''to mihai that girl''. To ''mihai a girl'' means to get serious with her, as long as she's not a goldigger.

It is a term commonly used in Montreal (Canada), when a man is interested by a woman, as long as the woman has good intentions towards the man, and when it is too soon for the engagement, to mihai the girl means a serious step in life.

This expression is frequently used in English but in French as well. In French, it could be used as ''la mihai''. During a French conversion, it could sound like; ''Je kiffe cette meuf, plus que les autres. Je crois que je vais la mihai pour vrai''.
Example 1
Drunk dude: Oh bruh, you should definitely take care of your chick man! She's perfect.
Sober due: Yeah bruh, I know! I'm so gonna ''mihai'' that girl.
Drunk dude: Oh! I totally feel you man. You guys will be awesome together.

Sober dude: Thanks man, that's nice of you.
Drunk dude: Yeah man.. If you would be a chick, I think I would ''mihai'' you as well.

Exemple 2
Dude numero uno: Bruh! You should definitely ''bachir'' that girl.
Dude numero dos: Nah man... This is the kind of girl I would ''mihai''.
Dude numero uno: Oh sh*t man, you ain't joking! That's some serious sh*t you just said now.
Dude numero dos: I know. I know man, believe me!
by The Ultimate Bobo October 25, 2019
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UNPOPULAR OPINION: Mihai looks like a combined ass and shit.
by CUCMARE September 23, 2021
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