Cunning subterfuge for the pejorative N-word. Replaces the "n" and the two "g's" with the letters that immediately precede each in the alphabet: the "m" and two "f's".
Only a miffer should be wearing his pants below his ass.
by Rain Atwest October 22, 2011
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A word used to describe a homeless man or someone in connection to one, such as a smelly person or someone with poor personal hygiene
Cammy's such a miffer he reeks the place out
by Sam hendry February 22, 2016
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miffer-esque(noun); channeling your inner mike mcadam, by wearing guy-liner, and trying to be emo, just because of your girlfriend.
"i think i might wear eyeliner tomorrow"

"dude, thats totally miffer-esque."
by hfhhf January 11, 2009
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When you hear a hilarious story that end into a nasty ending, you use miffer.
1-One day I got da flu ... and I vomit in the yard.


3-yep, and then I cleaned it with my shirt.

4-miffer :P
by bickerbad May 13, 2009
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Miffering, the act of being miffered
Oh, they were up last night, miffering.
They're tots miffering right now.
by THEPANDAGURL November 7, 2013
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Rare and endangered male who lives in a very frigid climate and likes to wear Peter Pan costumes on occasion... lol

Has a great variety of Peter Pan costumes available,
but mostly keeps them in hiding, for fear of someone kicking his "Peter Pan Ass."
"Miffers, I'm going to kick your Peter Pan Ass !"
by annonymous February 9, 2004
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noun: a snotty person; someone disliked; someone with a snotty personality.
That girl is a miffer.
by freewilly0140 August 25, 2009
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