Is a quirkless boy who wanted to become a hero and save everyone with a smile like his all-time favourite Hero ALL MIGHT. And eventually becomes a hero.
Midoriya Izuku can also be defined as "broccoli boi"
by THAT OTAKU OUT OF NO WHErE December 12, 2017
an innocent cinnamon roll who is shipped with every character in MHA that actually matters. He is also a boy who forgot about the existence of legs when he got his quirk and now after like 3 seasons finally realizes, 'damn i have legs' and stops trying to slowly commit suicide by breaking his arms 24/7.

BTW he is was also exposed to major crack as a child.
I just wanna squish Izuku Midoriya.
by mamagiri June 2, 2020
Izuku Midoriya (緑谷出久), also known as Deku (デク), is the protagonist of the anime Boku no Hero Academia. He is a pure Cinnamon Roll who is too good for the world, a paragon of pureness some would say.
Oh my god, Izuku Midoriya is such a pure cinnamon roll, god bless
by mayo the playdough August 3, 2017
Deku is an Innocent piece of Broccoli who is seemingly useless at the beginning but gains power after eating hair
Guy 1: Best person in-
Guy 2: Izuku Midoriya.
by Some weeb lol idk May 24, 2019
A fucking cinnamon roll who fucking breaks his arms for the good of fucking mankind
Izuku Midoriya is too precious for this world. If only he wOULDNT BREAK HIS FUCKING ARMS ALL THE TIME
by What the hecky peck June 25, 2019
A beautiful innocent amazing lovable kind pure cinnamon roll. Don’t you dare try to take my babe or I’ll throw you to another zip code. No wait. Scratch that. I’ll throw you to another continent.
Some random: Hey, you heard of Izuku Midoriya?

Me: You mean my beautiful innocent amazing lovable kind pure cinnamon roll? Yeah I’ve heard of him, he’s my babe.

Some random: tf
by DON’TEVENTRYITBOI November 11, 2018
A small innocent puppy turned into a 15 year old boi.

Hero Name: Deku.

Nickname: Deku.
"Izuku Midoriya is hot."
-Shoto Todoroki

- Katsuki Bakugo

"Oh god...Todoroki's gay for Midoriya..."
-Denki Kaminari
by I am gay. uwu April 20, 2019