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A Deku is a precious broccoli boi that can do anything because he has the power of All Might and Anime on his side
I saw Deku eating a cinnamon bun, isn't that cannibalism to his kind?
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by welp_another_weeaboo October 03, 2018
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If a puppy was a human he is the litteral definition of cute, if you say otherwise. GO FUCKING DIE
Random person: wow is that a green puppy?

Another random person: oh no, that's just Deku.
by Lilac the bean October 23, 2018
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Me, Have you ever watch my hero academia?

Some Loser, Yeah my favorite character is the broccoli

Me, Wait WhAt you mean DEKU NUT
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by The Dummy Bean September 04, 2018
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1. useless 2. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. did you just blink deku. You're gonna regret that. i'm gonna kill you. You dont belong in U.A. 2. i believe in you deku-kun
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by sujin_3 July 09, 2018
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Deku is a name of a strong hero in my hero academia ( number 1 hero in the future). But means can or be able to.
Sleep at night when your tired. Live life with spirit. You will be a deku anyday. Have a wonderful life. Live full and no matter what kill people with kindness. You will be beautiful no matter what you look like, how you act or how you feel.
by 5887777 July 21, 2018
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Deku is a small half-plant, wooden-looking creature that lives mostly in Lost Woods, Hyrule and Southern Swamp, Termina.

Dekus can also be known as Scrubs.

Dekus are the property of Nintendo and are known from the game series The Legend of Zelda that Shigeru Miyamoto has given spirit.
Oh no, a Mad Deku! Watchout for the nuts it throws at you!
by Andrea Matikainen May 18, 2005
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