Midoriya is a kind-hearted boy who is always happy. He is funny, smart, and courageous. Midoriya is not only a unique name but is also a name of a anime character in "Boku No Hero Academia." He loves to learn about thing, he is always trying to overcome goals, and he is alway with you. If you find a Midoriya in your life, never let him go. He always wants to be with you. He always wants to cuddle, always laughs at your jokes, he listens to your music, he calls you just to hear your voice, he is a great cook, and he will protect to no matter what. And the great thing about him is whenever you get into fights, he is always the first to apologies even when it's not his fault.

He likes anything you show him. He likes to watch anime and likes to read Manga. He is a hard working boy, he helps out his family, and is always happy. Even if people tease him, he stands up strong. He is always thinking of others and when he sees someone in danger, he always steps in to help. He seems like a nerd and is. He supports others and has eyes that sparkle the night. Never lose a Midoriya.
"Wow, Midoriya is so strong!"

"How are you and your boyfriend?" "Its amazing! Midoriya is such an awesome guy and he is so lovable!"
"Midoriya is always thinking of other and never thinks of himself."
by Jessie_Dragonheart May 29, 2018
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A hardworking angel that just wish for happiness in the world.
Midoriya is a cute broccoli.
by VeryGayHuman April 14, 2020
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A person who never gives up and is always heading towards there dream even if they are heading there alone
by Anigod-shinra May 28, 2019
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an innocent cinnamon roll who is shipped with every character in MHA that actually matters. He is also a boy who forgot about the existence of legs when he got his quirk and now after like 3 seasons finally realizes, 'damn i have legs' and stops trying to slowly commit suicide by breaking his arms 24/7.

BTW he is was also exposed to major crack as a child.
I just wanna squish Izuku Midoriya.
by mamagiri June 2, 2020
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Izuku Midoriya (緑谷出久), also known as Deku (デク), is the protagonist of the anime Boku no Hero Academia. He is a pure Cinnamon Roll who is too good for the world, a paragon of pureness some would say.
Oh my god, Izuku Midoriya is such a pure cinnamon roll, god bless
by mayo the playdough August 3, 2017
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