What annoying people call the anime "My Hero Academia" when trying to be cool and fit in.
Person A: I really am enjoying Boku No Hero Academia

Person B: Say that one more time and I WILL assault you.
by NoeyRL July 24, 2018
What people who are Japanese, like myself, and others call, “My Hero Academia” when wanting to say it’s Japanese name.
Did you see the new episode of Boku No Hero Academia?

Yeah it was really great when Tsu Chan-
by Airi Chan October 5, 2019
my hero academia but you're annoying so you say it in japanese
sum weeb idk: dude boku no hero academia is so overhyped there are so many better animes
everyone else: ok word but just say it in english fuCK
by smigwig March 29, 2021