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When a man becomes sexually frustrated with his wife's persistent refusal of sexual relations. As a result, he waits until his wife has fallen asleep, typically around midnight, and takes out his sexual frustration on her. Thus the midnight meat train arrives...
My wife fell asleep on me when she got home from work so instead of waking her up, I slipped her the midnight meat train.
by Apt D12 March 04, 2013
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When Cook, JJ, and Peter are all lined up elephant style in the dark. All three are to be naked. The member in the back will then shout out "All aboard!" and then thrust his genitals into the man's ass in front of him. This motion should set up a train reaction to where the second man in line has thrust his genitals into the front man's ass. The member in the front will begin to start making sounds much like a train.
"Dude, I could hear Cook, JJ, and Peter last night."
"Yea, they were pulling a midnight meat train."
by hodoggie March 05, 2008
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1.) An extremely badass movie.

2.) A word meaning a black man's penis
"Have you seen Midnight Meat Train?"
"No I don't like black cock."
"What the fuck, no the movie dipshit"
"Oh oh oh oh, yeah totally I love that movie."
by TimKretschmer July 29, 2009
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(v.) To propose to your girl and then, promptly, throw her over a bar counter and fuck her from behind to celebrate your happy moment.
"Dude! Jack pulled a midnight meat train last night!"

"Really? How romantic!"
by Rock Meatpunch April 06, 2009
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1. n. Another euphemism for penis.

2. The best movie title since 'Snakes on a Plane', staring Vinny Jones. Holds the record for most people brutally murdered in front of a masturbating audience.
"Hey baby, you wanna take a ride on the midnight meat train?"

Jon: "I'm really confused about my sexuality."
Jack: "What gives?"
Jon: "I beat it to 'Midnight Meat Train' last week, and now I can't orgasm without seeing blood."
Jack: "You're a sick man."
by ButterNuts March 10, 2008
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