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The prestigious honors dorm of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Middlebrook is basically a collection of frail, pale, sheltered midwest white kids, who, for some inexplicable reason, the University decided to place within a five minute walk of the Riverside projects. Muggings and other assorted petty crimes occur roughly once a week in the Middlebrook area, mostly due to the fact that half of all Middlebrook residents couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.
The seventh floor of Middlebrook Hall seems to be home to the highest concentration of the aforementioned pale, frail, Midwestern white kids. It's a strange and fickle place, where up is down and awkward is normal.
Halloween was confusing. It was entirely unclear whether a given MIddlebrook resident was wearing a costume or if that was just their normal attire.
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Middlebrook is a large concentration of pale and frail kids; however, there are not just white kids. There are many Asians that live in Middlebrook as well. Most of the people that live in Middlebrook probably couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag, but most can probably do calculus or something else that's hard in circles around a lot of the University of Minnesota's students living in other res halls. There are many Honors kids, because it is the honors dorm; as well as acting students who probably could not kick the shit out of most people, but could verbally abuse even a professor. It most definitely is a strange place, not what you would expect out of a typical dorm in a place of Higher Education.
So the acting students were giving shit to the honors kids and calling them wimps so the honors kids built a catapult device that chucked water balloons at the actors while they were walking back to Middlebrook. (True story unfortunately...)
by John the Baptist12 April 18, 2009
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