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Describes the phenomenon whereby the female residents of Middlebrook Hall at the University of Minnesota have a tendency to be approximately one standard deviation less attractive than the rest of the campus. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness of this effect among those affected which leads to unattractive girls acquiring boys who would not otherwise be attracted to them. Applies to all floors not taken up by Arts students on the 11th and 12th floors. Exceptions are rumored to exist, but are as of yet unconfirmed.
Guy 1: Dude, I got with such a fine bitty last night.

Guy 2: No way man, we saw her and she was Middlebrook hot, you were so trashed.
by chahenE February 10, 2010
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To use tape instead of wax to remove hair or dead skin from various parts of the body. Most effective on the peeling resulting from sunburns on pasty white people.
Chick: Ewww, I'm peeling from this sunburn.

Dude: Just ghetto wax that shit right off.
by chahenE July 01, 2010
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