The act of receiving a blowjob from one girl while another licks your ass, and from time to time offering them "sippies" off your Capri sun. May or may not be performed in a bathroom at a party, but should be done while standing.
John: Dude! Did you hear Mike got a Michael Cera off those two chicks last night?

Dave: Didn't have to I walked into it in the bathroom at the party. He didn't even stop. What's more shocking is neither did they.
by This is the end July 26, 2013
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A term used to describe a general feeling that an actor is merely playing the same type of character previously seen in another production. Where it be a theater production, film, or television series.

The term came to prominence when audiences began to notice the acting of Canadian born Michael Cera. Beginning with his first large audience production "Arrested Development" and ending with "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" people began to notice that Michael Cera was merely playing a meek, level-headed, awkward, and bland normal character in every production.

Today the acting skills of Michael Cera is used to describe innumerable actors that cannot develop or play a varying repertoire of characters.

Alex: Dude I can't wait to see Year One! It stars Michael Cera he's hilarious!

Matt: Seriously, Michael Cera can't act. He just plays the same nerdy awkward dude. Have you seen all his movies?

Alex: I saw Superbad and I loved Arrested Development...well know that you mentioned it he does seen to be the same character.

Matt: You got to realize dude, he's a hack. All of the movies he's been in have awesome scriptwriters and a great surrounding cast.

Alex: What a douche...
by Define Me! April 9, 2009
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Michael Cera is an Actor that, in every movie follows these rules
1.) He's an awkward teenager
2.) He Finds a girl he likes, but she doesn't like him back
3.) I the end, Michael gets the girl, and has sex with her
Every Movie he's in, goes exactly like this
Movies that follow The Michael Cera Rule
Michael Cera in year one Awkward teen, friends with Jack Black, likes a girl, in his prehistoric time. she doesn't like him, but in the end, she does like him, and they have sex

Michael Cera in Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist is, again, an awkward teen. He meets Nora, who, at first, thinks he's a creep. Then, in the end they fall in love with each other, and have sex on a thousand dollar couch.
by kingmc23 August 5, 2010
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Having an intense attraction to any and all guys that possess the trademark characteristics of Michael Cera. These may include delicate features, lankiness, subtle sarcasm in almost every sentence, an adorably shy personality, a sweet smile, meek but also defensive if need be, and a hopeless romantic.
"That guy over there is so cute. Look at his adorable face! Aww, he stands awkwardly too!"

"Girl, you have a serious Michael Cera complex."
by ewokmogwai June 11, 2013
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This is another name for Xana. The definition of Xana is a name given to a really cool person that typically resembles Michael Cera. They usually love the LEGO Movie and love to Morgan Freeman.
Person 1: Is that Michael Cera?
Person 2: Don’t you mean Xana?
by Poopy789 December 12, 2020
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