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A term used to describe a general feeling that an actor is merely playing the same type of character previously seen in another production. Where it be a theater production, film, or television series.

The term came to prominence when audiences began to notice the acting of Canadian born Michael Cera. Beginning with his first large audience production "Arrested Development" and ending with "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" people began to notice that Michael Cera was merely playing a meek, level-headed, awkward, and bland normal character in every production.

Today the acting skills of Michael Cera is used to describe innumerable actors that cannot develop or play a varying repertoire of characters.

Alex: Dude I can't wait to see Year One! It stars Michael Cera he's hilarious!

Matt: Seriously, Michael Cera can't act. He just plays the same nerdy awkward dude. Have you seen all his movies?

Alex: I saw Superbad and I loved Arrested Development...well know that you mentioned it he does seen to be the same character.

Matt: You got to realize dude, he's a hack. All of the movies he's been in have awesome scriptwriters and a great surrounding cast.

Alex: What a douche...
by Define Me! April 08, 2009

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Spreading across the thoroughfares and avenues of gentrified and campus America; like an ungodly plague, the fixie hipster is sullying the image of cycling.

In layman's terms a fixie hipster describes the average hipster riding atop a fixed gear bicycle often termed as a fixie. Although the heritage of fixed gear cycling dates to professional couriers, messengers, and track cycling. It is unclear how this style of cycling became popular with fixie hipsters. However, it is generally believed that owning a fixed gear bicycle has been labeled "trendy" within hipster culture.
Lars: So I spent 300 dollars to get matte white Aerospokes on my pastel green fixie. It also has matching tape wrapped around the handlebars. It's the only way to ride these days. It's great when going across campus. It beats rolling around on those passé free-wheelers.

Brett: Those are some nice decorations you got there Lars. What's the sprocket size on your bike?

Lars: umm 62....

Brett: Well, do you take it to the velodrome on the weekends? I bet that rig is pretty light. Real quick on the tracks!

Lars: uhh...I use it to go get a cappuccino.

Brett: Hey you might wanna put an additional braking mechanism on to decrease your braking distance. Don't wanna slam into things buddy.

Lars: Dude that'll destroy the minimalistic, bare bones aesthetic of my bike! It's a fixie bro! Besides I use my feet to brake for emergencies.

Brett: It's just for safety sake dude. Besides how the hell can you even ride a bike comfortably in those tight slacks and slip on shoes. God what a fixie hipster!
by Define Me! April 30, 2009

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a witless bimbo procured primarily for the service of modeling cheap and lackluster Snorg Tees merchandise.
Original Snorg girl: HEY LOOK AT ME! BUY A SNORG TEE!

Internet Fapstar:Sorry honey but your just a boring snorg whore... *closes tab*
by Define Me! October 23, 2009

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The latest installment of Nintendo's glorious franchise Mario Kart. Packed with challenging, addicting, and frantic gameplay for the Nintendo Wii. Returning to the classic one seater racing play compared to the previous experimental Double Dash. This new series is packed with a large array of carts and motorbikes. All your favorite characters plus a number of unlockable characters return to the tracks to duke it out Mario Kart style.

- It's Mario Kart dude, it's supposed to be a frantic, wild affair

- The characters, Mario, Luigi, Peach need I say more?

- Multiplayer, suit up 2, 3, or 4 of your friends and battle for first place

- Online gameplay, Fighting players from around the world for the best lap times, first place and bragging rights.

- Large selection of carts and motorbikes. Although most of the available vehicles are gimmicky and extremely weak on the courses. It's best to stick with the carts or motorbikes with a good amount of top speed, quick acceleration, moderate amount of weight, and good handling.

Carts are best for race course like tracks where speed and acceleration are crucial. (i.e Luigi's Circuit, Peach Beach) Their secondary drift boost and extra weight is important when jockeying for position and breakaway speed. Go for a motorbike when you're facing hairpin turns and 90 degree corners. (i.e Rainbow Road, DK Mountain, Wario's Mine).

- Overly random and luck based gameplay. It's frustrating and quite annoying to claw your way into 1st place only to be knocked back to 10th place with a random assault of items on the last lap. Watching your competition blow past you while you tumble off course from a blue shell, red shell and then getting slammed by a Bullet Bill is maddening.

One can compare Mario Kart Wii to NASCAR where restrictor plates and various restrictive measures are implemented to prevent a series wide margin victories. Everybody deserves a chance to win right? You might not be the best racer to grace the Wii Wheel but even you might land in 1st place given the right amount of chances.

Mario Kart Wii's narrow margins of victory ensure tight, competitive racing but it seemingly penalizes and curtails better racers for the ineptitude and inabilities of poor racers.

-Items, the bread and butter of the Mario Kart franchise. Everybody loves and loathes the items. Whether it was a mushroom that allotted you enough speed to rocket into 1st place or the despised blue shell that divebombed on top of you.

In Mario Kart Wii, items play an unfairly disproportionate role in the gameplay. Compared to previous installments, items played a much smaller role in the game. However, in Mario Kart Wii it's safe to say that items determine whether your going to win or lose. Now add on the fact that lower placed racers usually at or below 5th place are more likely to get powerful weapons that can affect everyone such as the Blooper, POW block, thunderbolt, multiple, mega or super turbo mushrooms, blue shells, and Bullet Bills. Whereas, higher placed racers usually at or above 4th place are less likely to get powerful items and are usually stuck with green shells, red shells, the occasional mushroom, fake item box and bananas.

Compounded onto this is the fact that items such as the POW block, Lightning, Blooper, and Bullet Bill occur at an annoyingly high frequency due to lower placed AI or human racers. Every Mario Kart Wii racer shares a tale of being screwed on the last lap by onslaught after onslaught of POW blocks, thunderbolts, and blue shells.

RATING: Given it's many design drawbacks, Mario Kart is an addictive game suitable for a group of friends or online play. Single play is frustrating given the luck based and randomness of AI gameplay. But overall it's worth the minor irritations of losing due to AI item onslaughts.
Mike: Dude I freakin hate Mario Kart Wii, the stupid AI always get POW Blocks and Bloopers. I can't race with such stupid AI programming. How is it possible for me to have such a great lead and fall back to 12th place on the last lap!!! It's like Nintendo doesn't want you to win or be the single victor. Freaking communist Japanese game developers.

Hank: That's just a part of the game Mike, you have to accept the fact the Mario Kart Wii isn't your run of the mill racing game. Yeah, it's built on goofy scales of luck and chances and the fact that I got screwed on the last lap by a blue shell is what keeps me playing.

Mike: Screw you, I'm going to play Burnout
by Define Me! May 29, 2009

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The disparaging nickname of Florida native and pop rap artist Flo Rida.

The nickname Flo Ripoff stems from Flo-Rida's ridiculous usage of samples of other songs in his own productions. Basically, Flo-Rida is known to rip off other artists and steal their choruses and hooks.

The most atrocious examples of Flo Ripoff are "Right Round" and "Sugar". "Right Round" samples the chorus from the Dead or Alive 1984 hit "You Spin Me Round" and "Sugar" the song's chorus is a blatant ripoff of Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Dee)".
Justin: Mmm!... Yeah!! You spin my head right round, right round!

Darnell: Hey man, what are you listening to?

Justin: It's Flo Rida's "Right Round" this stuff gets the shorties poppin at the club! Have you heard of Flo Rida? This dude goes hard!

Darnell: Yeah, more like Flo Ripoff...

Justin: Don't hate bro, Flo Rida's joints be bumpin!

Darnell: Yeah right, at the expense of jacking the hooks of other songs. Flo Ripoff is corny as hell.
by Define Me! May 26, 2009

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An uninteresting youtube video typically featuring a hyper-active, annoying, yet physically attractive young woman. YouTube bimbos have inundated YouTube with asinine videos that typically convey worthless suggestions, assumptions, and information.

YouTube bimbos are usually female around the ages of 15-25. They are characterized as being quite attractive yet overly animated, and vacuous. Thus, the core philosophy of a YouTube bimbo is to emphasize their physical feminine assets and attributes to attract a large audience where video content would not.

A YouTube bimbo usually creates videos that are given strange titles that initially pique one's interest. Their YouTube videos usually pertain to inane subjects or broad sophomoric social topics.

The videography of a YouTube bimbo is notably "do it yourself" but some exceptions are made for more widely known YouTube bimbos with a large network of subscribers. In particular, video production involves the use of a webcam or personal video camera. Shots are usually taken from the head up. Usually, a YouTube bimbo is scantily clad; wearing a revealing outfit.
Widely known YouTube bimbos:




by Define Me! April 17, 2009

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The Family Guy Drinking Game involves two or more contestants. The contestants watch an entire season DVD of Family Guy episodes.

The object of the game is to imbibe an alcoholic beverage every time a non-sequitur or flashback is made throughout an episode.

The goal of the Family Guy Drinking Challenge is to maintain mental lucidity. After successfully watching an entire season DVD of Family Guy, the contestant who is unblurred and clearheaded is declared the winner.

If the entire contestant group is largely sober after successfully completing the game. Then the game proceeds to another round. Another season DVD is played and the game restarts.
Jeff: GOD! It's Friday night and I have nuthin to do as usual!

Ryan: Jeez calm down bro, I found a drinkin game for us.

Jeff: Like what....Quarters?

Ryan: Nah it's the Family Guy Drinking Game.

Jeff: How do ya play it?

Ryan: Real easy bro, just watch a DVD of Family Guy and drink every time the characters make those "This reminds me of that one time...." flashback jokes.

Jeff: Duuude! That's like a 100 times per episode... Were gonna get trashed!

Ryan: Let's call Seth!
by Define Me! July 26, 2009

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