Michael Cera IS the sexiest man on the planet. He has appeared in a plethora of movies, and even though people say he only plays one character, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!! Look at Magic Magic, THAT'S A HORROR MOVIE!!! I say don't mess with perfection and why complain if he is unbelievably sexy in all?!?!
James: I don't really like any of Michael Cera's movies

The rest of society: *performs ritual sacrifice to the almighty god Michael Cera, he is force fed grape juice until his pee turns purple and he poops are a healthy brown color, then he is filled up air and used as a hot air balloon at the annual Cerafest (kinda like Coachella, but a billion times better)
by jesseceralover June 9, 2021
A young actor who plays the exact same character in every single movie he's in - the awkward, perpetually virginal pussy. Will ultimately star in a remake of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" 20 years from now.
Michael Cera reading his script for the next movie he's in"

"I can't talk to girls. The last time I felt a breast was in a bucket of KFC. Every time a girl looks at me, I shit myself. I came in my pants just from watching The Little Mermaid."

Director: "That part is so you."
by rtv0587 June 14, 2011
Hollywood's worst victim of typecasting, next to Jennifer Aniston.

I don't know if it has to do with his acting ability, or if he's just surrounded by lousy screenwriters. But this guy plays a nerdy, awkward-yet-lovable wallflower in every fucking movie he's ever been in, singlehandedly turning the character into an annoying cliche.

Everyone hates him now.
Michael Cera stars as Michael Cera in the following movies:

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Paper Heart
Year One
Youth in Revolt
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
by relates345034869345834958 August 23, 2010
The act of trying to be younger than you actually are. In similarity to being like that of Peter Pan and never wanting to grow up.
Person A: Dude, I just want to be a Michael Cera.
Person B: Oh you mean that awesome actor?
Person A: No, I just don't want to act my age.
by KBRICKSPLUNK December 14, 2010
An amazing actor, originally from Ontario, Canada. So amazing that his name can replace almost any word in a sentence, or answer almost any question.
Rachel: I love your pants!
Maddie: Don't you mean... 'I love your Michael Cera"?


Rachel: What did you have for dessert last night?
Maddie: Michael Cera
by r&mbombsunite! January 26, 2008
A very poor actor who often preforms in a stilted and timid fashion.

Plays the role of the socially awkward teenages in nearly all his film roles.

His role in hipster culture has made him an idol of hate from many people.

He is working his way to becoming the new Mathew Broderick. As in an actor who is a former shell of themselves for relying on one or two cult films aimed at the youngish teen audience and then failing to find other roles out of comedy because they lack talent and whats worse, they're not actually funny.
Michael Cera
by Daimou February 6, 2011