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An assortment of different races and nationalities unified through their belief of an intolerant, fascist, totalitarian, supremacist, violent, deiceitful, draconian, conspiracist death cult.

At least half of these people are inbred thanks to a tradition of cousing marriage that creates progeny with a low IQ and a high likelyhood of genetic defects, with fragile egos and violent tendencies.

They become the leading criminal forces in whichever country they swarm to. Not only do they control the drugs trade in their local areas, but they are expert counterfeiters, insurance fraudsters and money launderers. Musloids actively target indigenous, non-Musloid, women for rape and sexual abuse in order to satiate their depraved sexual lust.

These creatures are noteable for the exorbitant breeding, to produce more Musloid footsoldiers in their attempt overun the country with their kind.

Musloid are for the most part, militarily inferior to non-Muslims, as such the last thing they wish to participate is in formal warfare. Which is why terrorism, proxy wars, dawah, love jihad, chemical jihad, civilization jihad and other such methods that rely on deception and duplicity for the greater jihad on all non-Muslims.

Without indirect confrontation which they would be utterly destroyed and driven back to mud huts and camel riding. Never to bother anyone again.
by Daimou October 19, 2011

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A Disney movie that came out in 2005 starring Michael Angarano, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell.

Whilst it is bascily X-men at high school type shananigans it happens to have a good laugh here and there and doesn't devolve into shitty musicals or got to heavy on the teen romance.

Suprisingly good for basicly a straight-to-DVD Disney movie.
by Daimou February 05, 2011

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An altruistic giant alien robot wirh the power to transform into a truck.

His main rival is Megaton, Decpticon leader, who is obsessed with trying to beat and kill Optimus.

Prime's noble traits include playing fair, never leaving anyone behind, never asking anyone to do something he wouldn't do himself, entering the battlefield first and leaving last, fighting for the freedoms of all sentient life, giving fair warnings, preserving peace and ofcourse giving inspirational speeches.

His abilities wary and whilst he lacks the destructive talents of Megatron he more than makes up for them with his support abilties and particularly his ability to control inanimate parts or drones. His major ability is to combine with his trailer or drones to become Super Optimus. Beyond that he can readily combine with other Transformers to become even more powerful.

As the true leader of the Autobots he is beqeeathed the Matrix of Leadership which allows him direct access with the very soul of Cybertron as well as the collective knowledge of all former Autobot leaders.

Such is Primes awesomeness that he can always rise from the dead and hence he is known as Jesus Prime.

So great is his ladership skills that even other species like humans would openly serve him and allow him to become an elected leader because that's how great and effective he is.
by daimou February 05, 2011

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A very poor actor who often preforms in a stilted and timid fashion.

Plays the role of the socially awkward teenages in nearly all his film roles.

His role in hipster culture has made him an idol of hate from many people.

He is working his way to becoming the new Mathew Broderick. As in an actor who is a former shell of themselves for relying on one or two cult films aimed at the youngish teen audience and then failing to find other roles out of comedy because they lack talent and whats worse, they're not actually funny.
by Daimou February 05, 2011

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A heroic middle-class rapper who is suprisingly smart and has done much to change the direction of Hip-Hop from just ghetto gangsta.

Like most people he isn't perfect. He happens to have quite the ego and appears to be rude and easily led to believe conspiracies without any real hard or credible evidence.

However Kanye kills the music scene and like any "genius" he can't help but expand his repetoire of skills into other mediums. All these attempts have ended in failure such as his fast food restaurant or his fashion chain.

Still Kanye's true inherent abilities are rooted towards comedy. He has done one outrageous things after another that nobody really takes him seriously but they still manage to chuckle with how out of reality he is.

All in all a controversial figure but history has treated a lot of great men that way.
by daimou February 05, 2011

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