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A girl who's eyes put a spell on every boy's mind. Who's smile can melt a thousand hearts. Who's beauty is more blinding than the sun, yet it falls into nothingness compared to the beauty of her personality. So much kindness to give, so much love to share. Funny but all so serious. So strong, yet so fragile and sensitive. Like a flower so delicate, but only he who knows how to handle it with care can do its true beauty justice..
Boy 1: Do you know that cute girl who lives down the street?

Boy 2: Yeah, of course! She's a real Micaiah!

Boy 1: Definitely a real Micaiah...
by AnAngel August 03, 2010
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Hebrew meaning "One who is like God"
Micaiah's are often Leo's/Cancer's, astonishingly gorgeous, very athletic, light hair and usually straight, another thing is that almost all Micaiah's have similar noses.
guy#1. "man that girl was hot and good in bed"
guy#2. "must've been named Micaiah"
guy#1. "how'd you know?"
guy#2. "..."
by gangstaboyy1234 August 03, 2007
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Micaiah can be a male or female. Either way, Micaiah is the coolest person once you get to know them. Very awkward but also extreamely hilarious. Can be sensitive at times but knows how to get their shit together. Doesn't really know how to show their love but they love hard. Micaiah is super trustworthy & can keep secrets. Even though they are loners they are always a great friend to have around.
Person 1: Man, Micaiah is weird but is really cool

Person 2: Yeah lol we should have them around more often.
by Mf stargirl December 23, 2016
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Micaiah is a girl who makes everybody turn their heads. She is a perfect 10 on a scale. When ever a Micaiah is around every body stops dead and stares because her appearance is so breathtaking. A Micaiah looks small or short and really cute. Blonde hair that dose not matter how she dose it. Shes always laughing and super nice to everybody. Her personality is just as fantastic as her body. Micaiah will always smile and nobody can get enough. Every body likes Micaiah.
Me: She looks like a Micaiah.
Friend: Why?
Me: Because shes so beautiful and amazing.
by Chic And Milk May 14, 2015
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Micaiah the most amazing girl ever in my robotics and gym class she has the most beautiful eyes when she is not wearing her glasses she is so cute and smart
Jaden.c : would you go out with me.

micaiah : ?????? Yes or no
by Jaden.c January 24, 2018
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