1) a slightly modernized Spanglish speaking Latin American country embedded into the continental US.
2) has probably the worst educational system in US.
3) people at work eager to finish the workshift to go partying at nightclubs.
4) has people that denegate their roots and pretend to be more american than even native gringos--even get offended if talked to in ther native Spanish language!
5) the place where you see the greatest number of american flags in cars, but the majority of population is of Latin American origin.
6) one of the poorest cities in the US, high crime, some gangs, extremely bad customer service.
7) lots of wicked auto mechanics, lots of bosses that don't give raises to their employees and contribute to the overall powerty.
8) people see themselves as great as the car they drive.
9) girls are hot and use lots of silicone to reshape nature's will.
10) new generations only listen the shitty Rap "music" and street-race a lot endangering other people's lives.
11) properties are extremely high, cost of living skyrocketing, impossible to live.
12) lots of cubans from all walks of lifes, intergenerational differences.
I went to Miami, ordered some pizzas, took 2 hours for them to be ready. When driving to pick them a m.f. young dude street racer hit me in the back (of course he ran away). Took the car to a mechanic, after 2 weeks of waiting the mechanic said I needed to replace the transmision.
by cubanoTeacher December 09, 2005
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A place where literally nobody knows how to speak America's official language (english), even at somthing like McDonalds which gets really annoying when you are lost and everyone speaks only spanish. Even the billboards are in spanish.

Also a place where every one who lives in every other city hates because of the language barrier, and has the most shadiest areas west of south beach. (keep an eye on your wheels at stoplights)
Man! these people dont speak english, i must be in Miami or somthing.
by Rymps April 15, 2007
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> A place that you can never have "nothing" to do.
> A place where age is quite literally just a number.
> Hell with palm trees
> Populated by wanna-be thugs and chongas
> Rarely does the IQ pass 40
> Cubans run the place
> A tourist's turn-on
> White people are just there for the Latin's enjoyment. We can laugh at their poor Spanish skills while stealing their cars.

Miami is where homes are destroyed to build condos for idiot tourists who apparently don't have the ability to read maps properly
by Miami Gal January 24, 2007
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Miami the best place in Florida. it's called the sunshine state thought i think it should be changed to the sunshine state (during the day) because every day at night it rains like crazy. Miami has the best places to live like : Coral gables home to university of miami, south miami home to south miami hospital (best hospital) coconut grove home to coco walk (best mall of life), and Miami beach which is home to skinny people including: gays, hot chicks, and sexy guys. Miami has a lot of violence and the schools are all very unique best place to live int the U.S for sure. The beach is nice and some people go everyday.
Miami is awesome dude i just fucked a stripper and im 15!!!!!!!
by WILYTO October 31, 2009
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city of caprices and impalas .. hookd up lowriders and 28" inch rims , sexy females , best clubs , nicest beaches , where u will either find the fakest or the realest ppl . car clubs , hottest guys , hoes , celebrities ...
and then theres the part of miami you dont see .. the hoods .. overtown,liberty city , south beach , cutler ridge - crack whores and crack houses
im the queen of the south representin that 305 dade county.. miami throw em up
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1. City in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
2. Often used to describe both the city proper and it's surrounding metropolitan area within Miami-Dade County, although it's limits can vary from person to person (i.e. Someone from North Miami-Dade may not consider parts of South Miami-Dade's suburbs to be "Miami".) This is acceptable usage, since the city limits of Miami are small and its aggomeration of urbanized areas have long since spilled beyond it's original borders.
3. A place where people who live in Miami-Dade County, especially in it's suburban neighborhoods, invoke in order to make himself appear to be more "street-credible" than he actually is.
Note on #3: While North Miami-Dade tends to be rougher than South Miami-Dade in general(although there are some exceptions; e.g. Aventura, Miami Shores) people from the southern suburbs, especially adolescences tend to utilize the image projected by the grittier northern neighborhoods to project their own neighborhood as a rough and gritty place to live in, while in reality they live in a comfortable suburban enviroment.
1. I'm from Miami. (He actually does live in Miami)
2. I'm from Miami. (He actually lives in Kendall)
3. I'm from Miami! (He acutally lives in CocoPlum or Key Biscayne or some other place I've never been to)
by ypresoi August 02, 2007
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