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Extremely gorgeous, independent with the most beautiful eyes ever. She can be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with. Great music taste, very under appreciated. Back to gorgeous, she's a heart stopper. You get lost in her eyes and smile, she has amazing hair and all of the boys would love to just get a lick.
"Oh my.. that Havanna is just so beautiful, I would love to make her mine and get lost in her eyes"
by 123eatme August 09, 2017
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A gorilla type creature that likes to eat food. They claim to be smart but are not. They hate to be wrong. If they're wrong. They won't admit it and try to change the subject. Bad at jokes. Makes fun of people. Isn't even close to cool.
That Havanna must eat a lot of pizza and not play sports.
by Firstnamelastname December 22, 2014
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