Possibly my favorite City. Nicknamed M.I.A, It is a tight place in Florida, hot beaches and even hotter women, good night life, has ghettos and places with million dollar mansions. Has delicous food and good resturants. A lot of Cubans and Ricans but that really doesn't matter unless your racist. By the way this is a definiton from a Jersey boy so that shows most people from the North have love for the South too.
Person 1: Damnnn M.I.A has a lot of dimes

Me: Yeah Miami women are hot, same with the beaches, clubs, and a lot of other things in the City.
by Boss Tycoon October 13, 2007
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A city in Florida where little rich boys live in gated communities but think they live in the hood. Don't be fooled though, in reality they are nothing but a bunch of wimpy bitches who suck at Halo and Halo 2.
Justin: "Bobby thinks he's a gangsta because he's from Miami."
Dave: Ya I know, but it's a gated community, really he's just a rich bitch in a 2 million dollar house."
Justin: "Doesn't he drive an Audi too?"
by James Keating III March 06, 2006
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Really just the best place in the world. Best place in the United States. Why? Because its nothing like the United States. And international Destination for an American. Only thing different is you dont need your passport.
Miami is really just the best. See All of Florida is in the south with all the americans but once you hit Miami your out of the south ha ha ha. Wierd eh?
You got everything in Miami. Best city in the US! HA. Economic Capital of South America!
Ha Gateway to the Americas.
Miami International Airport the most domiant Latin American Hub! Ha.
South Beach endless night life.
Ha Whites are the minority. Official Language is spanish.
Ha Miami is awesome best place!
Ha why does Everyone in Florida hate Miami? Becuase they know how much better Miami is to the rest of the state.
by HA MIami August 08, 2005
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adj. aka "North Cuba" -- Miami is in south Florida, a place where the average white male is not average, where americans are the minority and imports are the majority!
Have you been to Miami lately, its always cool to be american and yet everyone expects you to know spanish since they cant speak the nations language ENGLISH! Why does it seem like I am in North Cuba?
by Cyclone44 April 03, 2005
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