-A medium sized suburb located right outside of Downtown Miami, Aventura,Miami Beach, North Miami Beach,South beach,and Ft Lauderdale. Basically its where all the crazy fuckers from the surrounding South Florida party hotspots decide to settle down and have a family and kids.
-Home to THE golf course (GC babyyy!), crappy schools like DCS, The Rec center, BK, and every drug you could possibly want.
- Suburb where it is common place for groups of teens to sneak out late at night to drink and smoke where ever the fuck they please
-The REAL miami suburb
-The place all the Biscayne Park kids wished they lived
Timmy: Yo bro my buddies are having a getty down in miami shores at some empty house
Jon: Is there going to be alcohol and drugs?
Timmy: Dude, i said it was in Miami shores...
John: Oh Yea

Sam: Damn dude i really want to drink some nasty ghetto Mickeys, smoke some chronic ass weed with chill people then have to run from the cops...

Tony: Yo we can just go to The Shores!
by Noah-Fo-Sho a December 3, 2008
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