verb, -Meyered, -Meyering
1. To renege on an agreement, especially a bet.

1. One who reneges on agreements.
Yo, this fool is not paying me for the horse bet. I think he is trying to Meyer me.
by D-Day September 03, 2009
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most of the time, a blonde girl with sparkling blue eyes, a lovable person with a haunting past. she/he love their friends/family to infinity and beyond. they will sit with you when you’re sad, just so that in top of what you’re upset about, you don’t feel alone. they can make you laugh till you cry, but they have fully mastered the death glare by the time they’re 6 y’o. they can and will be one of your best friends till the end, always having your back, and willing to talk about the scary things in life, strong willed and stubborn. graceful, and beautiful, inside and out! they will love you to the end of the line.
i’m so lucky to have a meyer by my side!
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by March 06, 2021
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