Doing one, the one that does one. Someone that returns to their home town, broadcasts their arrival via various social channels, only to do one immediately back to where they had just came from. Normally rendering the trip pointless. Normally the person is extremely sarcastic , orange but Fit. Eats a rich diet in burgers.Can be found in dirty night clubs, Brocking out the drum and bass , know from time to time to piss in cups free standing on dance floors. Also uses Aliases such as Burger in the wind.
What course you studying ? I'm taking , The age old art of doing one, you know the one that does one?

Dizzal Blud, you seeing Lambe Burger tonight? , Na Bruv, that sket has done one, you know doing one?.''
by Danny Dizzal March 12, 2011
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Used as an insult towards a certain person. Telling someone to "Do One" means to tell that person to go away or get lost. Can be combined with yeah mate
Person 1: Hey guys, check out my new pokemon cards 8-)
Person 2: Yeah mate DO ONE!
by A.Scott July 20, 2009
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To clear up the confusion of "To Do One"
A dissapearing act. {do a dissapearing act}

Do a dissapearing act, fuck off, leave, depart, bugger orf, remove oneself, make yourself Scarce
Alt - Do a richard
Do One.
"Canvey, Ben has left work early. He has gone and done one."

"Dude it is Freds round where is he.
He has done one ages ago."

by April 03, 2009
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"shit, ive just ran over a old lady....... DO ONE!!!!!"
by James February 05, 2004
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Go out and get cunted (see cunted).
I've just been paid, lets go out and fucking do one!!!
by Timmeh October 08, 2003
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