A group of 2 or more super fine mexy chicks.
The summer always brings out the best groups of mexies in the shortest skirts. Too bad they don't know how to swim, or we would see them in a a bikini.
by the-moyni May 20, 2009
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Mexie, a kind heart-ed individual. Beautiful, smart, worry-some, caring, etc. Mexie is a person who's friends with EVERYONE. No matter what you've done to them, Mexie will bounce back in a mater of seconds. When you need her, she's there.
''Who is that? Oh man, that's Mexie!''
by Only a person. (: June 17, 2017
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Weed which originates in Mexico.
He let's fire up some mexi and then we'll toke the good stuff later when the bitches get here.
by Andrew January 20, 2004
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