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When instead of taking a shower, a person uses a bunch of baby wipes to clean their Face, neck, underarms, groin, hands etc. Usually due to the large number of children that Mexicans have, to save on water they will do this. Hence the term
John: Yo, I don't have time to shower and change and get to the show.

Billy: Just get some of those baby wipes and take a Mexican Bath!
by Mr. Cane June 13, 2008
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An alternative to bathing, the mexican bath is the act of completely saturating yourself with cheap cologne in an effort to cover up the smell of rice, beans, chili powder, and body odor. It is the sign of pure laziness (and a likely illegal immigrant). Also see "sweet nigger."
"Hey dude, I think I smell your odor. Are you going to take a shower?"

"Nah, I'll just take a mexican bath."
by matt steve josh May 05, 2006
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to deficate or urinate in one`s clothes after a night of hard drinking (often with tequila).
"Hey, I just found Pedro passed out in the alley. He took a nasty mexican bath. Whose carrying him home cuz I ain`t gonna touch him. Nasty freak.
by swerbow72 May 19, 2007
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When you take a shit in a hose and then transfer the hose to your bath to clean up the place and then add some beans for an authentic Mexican smell to accommodate you as you wash your wash in a full-of-shit toilet and then complain of how the sink does not have a big enough hole for you to shit in. After that you wash yourself in some pina colada that you jacked off in so you have jizz, shit and possibly piss on you. After that you complain about how others smell and notice that your lawn's manure is really your own shit from the hose you shitted in. Finally, you drink piss because you don't know the differnece between tequila and piss.
by Realize December 12, 2007
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