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The last words you hear before you get killed by a cowboy called McCree.
by Jesse McCree May 31, 2016
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A showdown. When shyt gets real. A time fights are usually scheduled

Texas slang for the time one usually will get their butt kicked
Meet me tomorrow outside in the parking lot, high noon, for a beat down!
by Tagalog June 30, 2013
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The words you hear before the most rootiest tootiest cowbo complete destroys all the non cowbos
I just high noon 'ed shannon's tiny little ass lmao
by The Rootiest Tooties Cowbo January 15, 2017
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When you walk into your sleeping girlfriends bedroom while masturbating furiously, and you say "it's high noon" before you cum on her face.
"I want to do a "High noon" for my girlfriend", "I want to surprise my girlfriend with a "High noon""
by edgarcowboy March 24, 2017
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A drinking game to get drunk.

Variant of beiruit A.K.A beer pong.

Minimum of ten cup pong.

Each player starts with a die and their ten+ cup triangle.

To determine who goes first each player rolls their die, higher number goes first.

To begin turn roll your die.

The number shown is the number of shots you get for that turn.

If you forget to roll the die, your turn is forfeited this is known is known as "Pulling a Doobie."

If you roll the die off the table all shots for that roll must be done as trick shots. This is known as The Doobies Rule.
*A bounce shot is not a trick shot.*

If you make all shots on the roll, you get a re-roll, for example if you roll a three and hit all three you roll again.

Bounce shots do not count as two cups.

There are no re-racks in High Noon.

There are no return shots in High Noon.

There is automatic redemption in High Noon. It is played like normal play in High Noon, thus you roll a die for shots play continues as normal, if you hit all your shots you re-roll. Th moment all cups are hit in redemption, it heads to Overtime (OT), if you do not hit all the cups you lose.

OT-You must roll to see who starts in OT. This uses the same rules only is a six cup triangle. If the game goes to an additional overtime, double overtime (DOT) follow same rules as OT only play with ten cup.

If after DOT it goes to Triple Overtime (TOT) two rules apply, this is to the discretion of the parties playing the game.

TOT Rule 1: Old West Shoot-out, sometimes known on it's own as High Noon. Each person stands back to back with a beer ready to be shotgunned. Both people take five steps or "paces" then somebody calls draw. On the hearing of draw the parties start shotgunning their respective beers. Then when finished must throw the can at the other person. The first person to be hit loses. If you try to dodge the can you lose. if neither person gets hit both parties lose.

TOT Rule 2: One cup per person. Roll to see who shoots first. Then roll to see how many shots at the beginning of turn like normal play. First to hit the cup wins.
We played High Noon and I got my butt kicked.

High Noon is the greatest drinking game ever.
by Cent2Crew May 05, 2009
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