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A methicant is of Mexican American origins. Although, he lives mainly around Caucasians and was born and raised in America he has such a thick Mexican accent you could confuse him with a Mexican that just arrived to America from a van. A methicant wants everybody to know and witness his thug life and thug mentality. Yet, lives with his homie at his homies' moms house on the block. The methicant never has his own whip yet is always driving a borrowed one, usually from a white girl with a meth problem. The methicant never has actual money. He prefers to use the tried and true old school bartering system. The methicant's only wear for trade is horribly stomped on Crystal methamphetamine, better known as, "nope dope." He calls all the women he encounters, "mija", although really it only means girl because he is of Mexican descent it steals puddle sluts hearts worldwide. The methicant is widely known for either serving bunk ass amphetamine, or serving nothing but taking money nonetheless. He is below average in height but makes up for it with a big bark. Although the methicant is virtually harmless, don't leave your checks, credit/debit cards, anything a pawn shop would take, collectible coins, or your girl in his reach. It's the way of the methicant to take them all as his own.
I can't believe you let that little methicant run with your money!!!
by Beautiful chaos September 21, 2016
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