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n. methics, an off-shoot of ethics, is the philosophy of how to act while on drugs, specifically stimulants.

One style of methics, called "gluetilitarianism" involves weighing the "pleasure" and "pain" of each action with regards to its consquences affecting all parties involved.

Methics bring up much discussion in the drug world but only the most scatter-brained comments will come from any attempt to engage in a methical debate proceeding consumption of the subject.
Questions of methics

"Is it worth railing this e off the floor with all that dust and cat hair?" Yes, it is worth railing that e off the floor. The discomfort you will endure by having those other foreign objects in your nose will be much less than the ecstacy itself, in addition to how high you'll get.

"Look man, if you take that hit you're going to puke all over the floor." When applying methical theories, it is easier to critique others than it would otherwise be yourself. Is it right to deprive this "man" of his own acid? Would you yourself be so brash as to not take the acid? I doubt it.
by Sackville September 10, 2006
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