Flaming weed that shoots into the back of your throat when you're sucking real hard to get the last hit. Best seen at night when your friend is hitting a glass piece.
Ooo. You get a meteorite, dude? Cough it out, bro. Cough it out. Want a Shasta? They're in the cooler. You're all right.
by FriendoftheDude January 20, 2014
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A term used in place of “Poop”, except more so meaning a poop taken after being constipated from Herion, pills - opiates. So referring to the turd as being hard and knobby, from being backed up for days, or weeks.
Man I shit a meteorite this morning, had my butthole bleeding!
After shitting that meteorite this morning, my anus is sore!
I swear my asshole is looser now after pushing out that massive meteorite!
by Kayy1227 September 20, 2020
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A rock from space, the purchase and collection of which becomes more additive than crack. collectors start with one then just need that one more....
Meteorites rock! , is this a meteorite or a meteorwrong?
by mackyd August 20, 2009
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a dank nugget which is ejected from a marijuana smoking device upon exhale
dawg!!! you just lost my OG in a mothafuckin meteorite!!!!
by richmoney February 24, 2009
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a male with red pubic hairs. therefore his penis looks like a meteorite. A fire crotch only on a man.
" heyy look its a red head"
"you know what that meannnsss"
" dude do u have have a meteorite?"
by amandamaddycourtney May 4, 2008
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A show that makes whale wars look like never before seen color footage of WW2. By far the most boring show ever
Hey guys if I dont slit my wrist today lets watch meteorite men; that should be enough to push me off the edge.
by Gorilla Arms March 11, 2010
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A Meteorite-Walk-home is when one is walking home after many alcoholic beverages and the stability and co-ordination of that persons walk is almost as if they are walking through a meteorite shower that only they can see, involving staggering, tripping and the occasional fall.
"Oh my, Natalie is so drunk I think she may be in for a heavy Meteorite-walk-home later"
by RyantheWolf May 8, 2010
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