Short for meticulous. A term used to describe something as "cool", "neat" or "awesome".
Wow, those new sunglasses are really met.
Urban Dictionary is so met, dude.
This new indiglo watch is really met.
by jimmyray greyhair November 23, 2011
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I wanna be a copper, i think i'll try and join the Met.
by The Curious Orange January 30, 2006
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A handsome, skinny smoking hot guy. He cares so much about his friends and family. Has a very good personality and is all loved by all types of woman. He makes joke that will crack you up and is certainly one of the funniest guys ever! Hes a truly a great friend, and certainly sure that all the ladies will love him
Maria: I will get to kiss him first before you do!
by QJay April 27, 2021
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cj- “ where you from?”
alexis- “the met born and raised!”
by fs3 February 13, 2020
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Someone unable to perform up to par when the situation requires top performance.

Origin: Cole Hamels labelling the New York Mets choke artists.
Bill: "I thought John smashed that girl Kim."
Cole: "Boy you know John's a met when it comes girls in his bed"
by phillyphil215 May 5, 2010
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An acronymn standing for: (the) Most Excellent Team in Sports
The New York Yankees are just not the METS... therefore they suck.
by thomwithanh January 24, 2013
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