haha i left her a message under her pillow and bailed
by ahpeeyem January 24, 2011
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Replies to a topic on a message board.
That message is so dumb.
by hfs May 17, 2003
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Classic song, but some lyrics are wrong.

Props for typing the entire thing, though
said she danced the tango, skip the light fandango was zircon princess, seemed to lost her senses, down at the peep show watchin all the creeps, so she could tell the stories to the girls back home, she went to the city and got social security . . .

the places you play and where you stay, looks like one great big alleyway
you'll admire all the number-book takers, thugs pimps and pushers and the big money makers
by oldschool February 18, 2004
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This is a Scouse term, originating in Liverpool, which basically means the shopping (groceries).
Go and get the messages in or you're not sleeping in this fucking house tonight.
by Rammo July 20, 2010
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to run an errand, to pick up groceries
You said you were doing a message, just going down to the shops.
by Karen January 18, 2004
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It worries me this kind of thing
How you hope to live alone
And occupy your waking hours
We're taking sides again
I just wept I couldn't understand
Why you started this again
Every day you send me more
What makes it worse is this plan of yours
To ensure I don't forget
I'd write and tell you that I've burnt them all
But you never send me your address
And I've kept them anyway
So don't ask me if I think it's true
That communication can bring hope to those
Who have gone their separate ways
It hardly touched me when it should have then
And memories are uncertain friends
When recalled by messages
Coded messages always hurt
Messages poision
by Death Menace April 30, 2023
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An erotic message or possibly photos of what is usually a dumb and very attention seeking HS or even middle school girl who thinks sending out nudes is the only way she can get guys to like her. Usually is shocked when it ends up on the internet and everyone in school thinks she's a ho.
Hot damn, take a look at this nasty sext message I just got. I don't even know who the hell she is.
by hnoss February 19, 2017
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