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Case High School is a school in the ritzy and snooty town of Swansea, Massachusetts. Case has about 500 students that like to brag about how much better they are than people in the shitty cities close by like Fall River and New Bedford. The school does all right in SAT scores and stupid shit like that and is known for it's volleyball team and a huge sexting scandal a few years ago where most of the attention seeking girls in the school were giving our nasty nudes to any guy that would take them. Since Swansea is a ritzy town the scandal was covered up as quickly as possible and the girls given hugs and told to wait to they're older to start acting like such attention seeking hoes.
I wish I went to Joseph Case High School, it's not nearly as shitty as schools near by and the girls love to act like hoes and give out porn.
by hnoss March 7, 2017
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Something stupid high and even middle school girls will do in an attempt to be popular or to get a boyfriend. Never works, all it ever accomplishes is to get the stupid girl labeled a ho or slut and possibly get her a case of herpes.
Dude, Hannah is so desperate to be popular and liked that she has absolutely no self respect and will give a blow job to anyone.
by hnoss March 27, 2017
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An erotic message or possibly photos of what is usually a dumb and very attention seeking HS or even middle school girl who thinks sending out nudes is the only way she can get guys to like her. Usually is shocked when it ends up on the internet and everyone in school thinks she's a ho.
Hot damn, take a look at this nasty sext message I just got. I don't even know who the hell she is.
by hnoss February 19, 2017
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William Henry High School is a school in Ohio of about 1,400 students. The school has little going for it except for a bunch of crappy sport teams and some nerdy clubs that nobody goes to. The school was actually named in honor of some obscure president that nobody has heard of and whose only accomplishment was to croak after being in office only a month. The school became sort of famous in early 2015 when it was discovered that just about every girl in the school had been passing out nudes and real explicit porn to just about every guy in the school. Apparently this had been going on for years and hundreds of nudes were circulating around the school and town. Of course the administration at the school claimed they knew nothing about it but the slutty girls were told to stop being such naughty hoes, or at least be a bit more quiet about being naughty hoes and passing out the porn. Nobody was charged and it's unknown how many hoe girls are still making and passing around nudes and nasty porn. And even with all the publicity over the sexting and nudes, nobody still knows who the hell William Henry Harrison was.
William Henry Harrison High School is named after someone nobody has heard but it sure has a lot of hoes that love to pass out some serious nudes and porn.
by hnoss March 10, 2017
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A slang term for a man's penis, frequently used in a sexual or humorous context and particularly favored by musicians.
Sarah can't play guitar worth shit but she's quite a virtuoso on the ol' bone a phone.
by hnoss April 6, 2017
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Canon City High School is in a small Colorado town in the middle of nowhere that became famous in Nov. 2015 because of a huge sexting scandal. It turned out that every girl in the high and middle schools were giving porn and nude photos of themselves to every guy in the school. CNN, Fox and every other network in the world was there to cover it and gave the girls lots of much appreciated publicity. After a month long investigation no charges were filled because it was decided that nobody in town minded the under age porn and nudies.
I wish everything in life was as easy as the girls in Canon City High School
by hnoss December 28, 2016
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Salmon Arm, British Columbia is a pleasant little town that gets colder than a son of a bitch in the winter but is known for being a nice place for doing outdoor stuff if you don't mind freezing your ass off. The town became sort of famous a couple of years ago when an attention seeking 13 year old girl started sending nasty porn of herself to all the guys in town. Her daddy didn't like it so he womped her on the arse with a belt and the attention seeking little thot ran to the police and reported him. She got lots of attention and loved the publicity. And then a year later another little thot in town needed attention so she started sending out porn all over. When he daddy smacked her she also ran to the police. Neither father went to jail but the little hoes are now even more conceited and attention seeking and are back to sending porn of themselves all over school.
Salmon Arm is a little town in the middle of nowhere that has some really attention seeking little thots with enormous egos that love running to the cops when the fathers try and keep the girls from being hoes.
by hnoss August 24, 2017
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