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Classic song, but some lyrics are wrong.

Props for typing the entire thing, though
said she danced the tango, skip the light fandango was zircon princess, seemed to lost her senses, down at the peep show watchin all the creeps, so she could tell the stories to the girls back home, she went to the city and got social security . . .

the places you play and where you stay, looks like one great big alleyway
you'll admire all the number-book takers, thugs pimps and pushers and the big money makers
by oldschool February 18, 2004
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Slang term used for a vial of LSD in it's original liquid state.
I just got a vial from my guy, you want a sugar cube?
by oldschool September 16, 2005
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Sexy, beautiful black female comedienne, works in movies and television. Was in Friday after Next,
Queens of Comedy, and has appeared on BET Comic View.
Sommore is great to watch; confident, sexy, and has a sharp, funny attitude.
by oldschool May 14, 2004
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agree with previous definitions, but should add the origin of this phrase-
the movie "Heathers"
Winona Ryder-"What's your damage?"
by oldschool May 19, 2004
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A philosophy originated in the early 80's in the US punk rock community which defines a punk who does not use drugs (either legal or illegal). The name came from a song from the band Minor Threat that briefly described what was understood as the straight edge way of life. In the early 90's "straight edge" started to be viewed as vegetarian, contrary to promiscuous sex and even religious which is not true despite the attitude of certain groups inside the community who can be held responsible for such image.
A:I am a straight edge / I am a straight edger

B:What does that say about you?

A: It means I am a member of the punk rock community who does not use drugs and choose to define myself as a straight edge

B: Is it true that you guys are all vegetarian, avoid promiscuous sex andhave connections with christian and hindu religions?

A: I think most straight edgers are either vegan or vegetarian but I have not met many who would avoid sex for moral reasons and many of us are atheists.
by oldschool January 22, 2004
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A term that describes the portion or the music played by members of the hardcore community connected or adepts to the Hare Krishna movement. Had its roots in the early 80's with bands such as Cro-Mags and Cause For Alarm (although Krishnacore itself would did not exist yet). Grew from the straight edge and established itself as a sect inside Hardcore in the early 90's with the growth in popularity of bands such as 108 and Shelter.
Krishnacore pretty much died by the end of the 1990's after around half a decade of fast growth and worldwide recognition.
by oldschool January 23, 2004
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Classic Eric B and Rakim song, from their 1986 debut album of the same name. Includes the legendary Paid in Full, Move the Crowd, and My Melody.
Thinkin' of a master plan, cause ain't nothin but sweat inside my hand, so I dig into my pocket all my money is spent so I dig deeper, but still comin' up with lint, so I start my mission leave my residence, thinkin' how could i get some dead presidents
by oldschool April 1, 2004
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