“She who is beloved” Usually a very smart, attractive , intelligent and honest creative persons with the universe inside of them because a Merit will always have an idea about anything in the world, they are full of ideas, they are very social and jovial, they love music and musical devices, they are also very religious, They don’t fake affections, they have good taste which is why they are willing to earn everything they want. They are bold and outspoken and knows how to get what they want. They value loyalty and respect, They are trustworthy and reliable and they would never forgive betrayal. They make the best relatives best friends, great team members and life partners too, They are a perfect blend of sophistication mixed with hood, do yourself a favor by Getting a Merit in your life .
1. As goofy as a Merit .
2. Why is he so loyal like a Merit?.
3. The goddess of music that aided creation was Merit.
4. Ask a Merit, they will always know.
5. As intelligent as a Merit.
by Merrymite. February 05, 2020
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Nick: “I’m gonna go clear my head outside and smoke a quick merit.”
by Christian Santana March 11, 2020
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What a plan usualy has before being executed. The success of the plan reveals wether or not it had merit. If the plan was succesful, the person who concieved the plan is to thank, if un-successful, the plan had merit.
Joe: That's the last time we follow your plan durring a paintball match.
Jake: Hey, the plan had merit, it just wasn't executed corectly.
by YaZe August 24, 2005
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Merit Bean: The OG Big Guy, the dictator of skiing, the greatest man to slurp around the world. Driving Porsches, riding horses. Cashing checks and having sex.
Hey Merit Bean, you're a big guy!
by porscherider99 January 19, 2018
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A system or policy whereby people are promoted or rewarded on the basis of ability and achievement rather than because of seniority, quotas, patronage, or the like.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant April 30, 2003
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The act of masturbating using a pack of girl scout cookies.
Dude, stop merit badging and get your ass over here!

The woman lost her dildo so she began merit badging.
by J-Mac February 17, 2005
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