Otome dating simulator that rips off your heart occasionally and has a lot of updates!
X: Have you heard of Obey me! That one dating sim?
Y: Yeah it's pretty cool
by Kaz00 August 13, 2020
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To carry out command with order,without question
Obey me!
I'm your father! Now do as you are told.
by Grant C. October 17, 2021
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a really fucked up yaoi manga that gives you a phobia of pens and sushi

people who have this as their favourite manga are a threat to society

eg. me
person 1,mate whats your favourite manga
person 2,obey me
if case this happens carry pens and sushi, then yeet them into space
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Here are the obey me brothers heights :)
The obey me heights

Lucifer: 6'3
Mammon: 6'0
Levi: 6'0
Satan: 6'0
Asmo: 5'9
Beel: 6'4
Belphie: 5'10
by Toga Himiko loves Asmodeus February 7, 2021
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a person who dedicates a portion or their entire personality to a voice actor from the game Obey Me and constantly tunes into every stream, twitter post, and makes fan art in hopes of catching the actors attention.
"Wow, did you see Sahirah? She's such a Obey Me VA Stan."
"Fr dude, all she does is talk about Obey me and her vas."
by Teslla June 7, 2021
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this confirms that this song is being sung from the perspective of Billie’s abuser. it explains the tone of the song, and completely changes the way you look at it. Lines like “If you find it hard to swallow, I can loosen up your collar, ‘Cause, as long as you’re still breathing, Don’t you even think of leaving” make it very overwhelmingly clear that this is the perspective Billie is portraying

Also, while some people think the Spotify interview thing from the lyric version disproves this, it just doesn’t. She says the song was made to be “insane live”, not a fun song in terms of concept. She said she was going through crazy feelings at the time and you’d understand if you looked at the lyrics, but doesn’t say what the feelings were. On an album where Billie is venting about her trauma, a song like this would have no place in the project. I don’t know how she could have made this more obvious then by saying me and you are both the same

yeah man, Other people wouldn't stay Other people don't obey You and me are both the same You should really run away
by Ahahahahahhhahha September 1, 2021
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