The polite way of saying "you are a complete retard"
My son is mentally disabled, but I still love him. Translation. I wish I never met that guy at the club
by I'm not a kid July 9, 2014
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When a mentally disabled person try's to offend a another person with their intelligence and try's calling them Mentally Disabled but instead saying Mental Disabled thus showing who is the real Mental Disabled,
Disabled Person: You are metal disabled
Person: don't you mean mentally disabled
Disabled Person: No i mean uh....
Person: That single word shows who is the real "Mental Disabled" so now I am going to post that word on Urban Dictionary
by LukePaul Sammut January 24, 2018
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a disability and welfare check for people who can't function or mantain a job due to their ailment.
the fat kid gets mental disability for his illness.
by sonny boy. February 2, 2009
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A state of excessive intoxication where the brain stops functioning normally. May also be referred to as being blacked out.
I'm going to drink so much tonight that I'm going to be mentally disabled.
by fourfoursevens April 29, 2009
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A police interrogation method similar to good cop/bad cop except it replaces the Bad cop with a mentally disabled cop.
that's it... we will have to use Good cop/Mentally disabled cop on him.
by jobflobadobYob November 1, 2010
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Another well known failtroll tactic, whenever said troll's behavior, mannerisms or other means of trait are questioned he/she will always bring up a defence blaiming it on their own mental disability rather than try to fix it - they do it apparently because it makes their so called victims "RAEG".
He pulled the Mental Disability Defence when Sal questioned his writing and trolling tactics.
by MM132 September 6, 2012
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A variation of the sexual Good Cop/Bad Cop routine (see as reference). Instead of tag teaming with a mask the good cop must simply leave the room. The second male (the mentally disabled cop) must then come in and act as if he were a mentally disabled person and proceed to abruptly rape the good cop's "partner." This tactic is much more abusive and should only be used as punishment.
Hey Brandt, do you want to good cop/bad cop your girlfriend this weekend?
No, she cheated on me, lets good cop/mentally disabled cop her!
by AllIDoIsWIN1134 March 24, 2011
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