14 definitions by jobflobadobYob

You better fix that spelling mistake before he kills you!
its spelt Chuck Norris not Chuck noris, id tell you to run but there's no point, he will find you!
by jobflobadobYob January 13, 2011
A police interrogation method similar to good cop/bad cop except it replaces the Bad cop with a mentally disabled cop.
that's it... we will have to use Good cop/Mentally disabled cop on him.
by jobflobadobYob November 1, 2010
BQ: what's your favourite food?
by jobflobadobYob January 5, 2011
When you and a few others urinate into a bucket, then soak two mops in the urine filled bucket and whack each other with the mops until your opponent either passes out, gets knocked out quits.
my friends and i played stink mop yesterday. it was disgusting
by jobflobadobYob September 26, 2010
An annoying douche-bag who's music is terrible so he puts hot chicks in them to get peoples attention.
if you ever watch a music channel like VH1 and a Robert Palmer video comes on, make sure you change the channel as soon as possible. large doses of Robert palmer have been known to turn regular people into gays, and gays into French people.
by jobflobadobYob November 21, 2010
1. that irritating guy who talks really loud while others are trying to watch a movie.

2. people who commonly talk about movies and television programs because they haven't done anything interesting in there life.
1. i wish that movie talker would shut the fuck up so the rest of us could enjoy the movie.

2. OMG all he does is talk about movies
by jobflobadobYob October 10, 2010
A kids show about a little red racing car named Roary. All they do is race around Silver Hatch all day. It also has a very catchy theme song.

People that are named Roary/Rory are usually tormented by annoying retards. every time they hear someone say Rory they always sing the shows theme-song primarily to piss them off.
Roary the racing car!! .........Roooaaaaaaary my number one star!!!
by jobflobadobYob October 14, 2010