An exclamation, usually presented by someone that is so angry that they cannot even spell "Rage".
Pronunciation: (Yells) RAGE
You have just been killed by another crit-rocket. Usually followed by a ragequit.
Player: RAEG
Player has Disconnected.
by echelon_ March 24, 2009
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Pun (intended) on 'rage', showing that one knows that it not that much to be upset about.

Used as a statement of being unable to change the status quo.
-I won't go there, it will just boil down to some sort of raeg.
by thenihilist November 12, 2010
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Commissar of the Imperium. Is totally NOT tsundere...stupid guardsmen. Also, commands a very strange (by imperial standards, no less) unit comprised of: A homesick psyker girl, a sociopathic psyker woman, a philosophical eversor, two 19th century british empire wannabe's, an sentient medi-servitor, and more. Killed 143 of her own troops for doubt and HERESY. Trained john fuklaw
Hey commisar Raege, do we have to figh- BLAM! HERESY!
by redcynic December 5, 2010
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trans. v.

(while in Wales) to come up to people and address them in Welsh, whether you know that they speak Welsh or not (deriv. Cymraeg). Cf. welsh
In Y Gwyll, the Welsh version of Hinterland, DCI Mathias would always come-raeg to people all the time.
by Denver Wagner February 28, 2016
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