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The "Smith" of Ghanaian names.
Meaning, almost every Ghanaian has this last name. It is the equivalent to names like "Smith" for whites, "Chan" for Asians, and "Singh" for Indians.

If you know a Ghanaian, you know at least one Mensah.
Girl 1: Hey do you wanna hang out with me and Mensah?
Girl 2: Which Mensah?
Girl 1: Peter Mensah of course. Which Mensah did you think I was talking about?
Girl 2: Well, there are a lot of Mensahs. It is the "Smith" of Ghanaian names. Be more specific next time.
by tlkfan August 28, 2009
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Someone who somehow manages to get paid very highly, while still managing to suck absolute whale dick at their job.
Hey, did you hear that Johnny's getting paid almost a million dollars this year?

-yeah, too bad he's a total Mensah though.
by Erb_79 June 04, 2017
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Literally a douche bag (the plural being mensae), i.e. an object one, presumably (and hopefully) a female, would use to clean one's poonene.
"Today, Tuesday, was a scorcher. On hot days, as some may know, I tend to...well...grime up a little bit. Don't get me wrong, it's only slightly. Anyway, I barely made it through video before heading out into the hallway to go to lunch. When I got into the hall, however, there was the mensah leaning against a wall. I couldn't help but seize the opportunity and proceeded to...cleanse...myself with the mensah once I had entered the bathroom. The process complete, I threw the mensah into the trash. A few weeks later, at my annual checkup, I found out that I had contracted three STD's from the mensah. I thought that I had contracted four, but it turns out that herpes is not strictly an STD."
by Lindsey We....mensah user June 22, 2005
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